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Review:patronus_charm says:
Woo Iím finally here!

The scene you painted for Belleís grave was really beautiful. It just had this really tranquil, reflective air about it and just absorbing all of that made me want to cry again. It really seemed like something Sirius would do, by showing how he really felt through actions rather than thoughts and it was just such a lovely reminder of Belle it made me go all warm inside. ♥

I canít really describe this but Iíll give it my best shot. There was such a mixture of emotions in this chapter and they just blended altogether perfectly. There was that fear of them still being attacked even in a moment of peace and reflection, then the anger from Sirius about her family and the almost tenderness from Alice when asking Dumbledore if he had lost someone. It was just beautiful. ♥

It seemed right that Lily would give up on going to Healer school. Itís so sad that theyíve been driven to these measures and all their hopes and ambitions are being Voldemort. Man, I really hate that guy. Peter was curious though. He seemed a little unsure about himself and what he was doing and I guess this is the beginning of his downfall. I canít wait to watch him in the next book because he is one of the most curious characters out of the whole series.

I think I might have had a bit of teary eye when Adeline appeared. It really tragic that people like her and Petunia only show their love for their siblings after they die, but I guess that might be the only moment when they realise how much they love them. Alice and Lily were really wonderful with her and Siriusí reaction was obviously relatable considering what happened at Christmas!

I liked her little speech about how she wished everything would be alright again because I really wanted that too. It also introduced that weird humour you get when someoneís died but you canít help but laugh. It really added a touch of realism to the story even if I did feel a little bad about chuckling at Siriusí reaction to Christophe.

I liked what they were saying about her, it made me feel as if that was their own little funeral for her and that the actual funeral could never really take its place over that one because it just them without any pretences or show. It does make me wonder whether Adeline will play a part in the next book or not with her telling them where she livedÖ

Siriusí thoughts at the end were perfect. Iím so glad that we went back to him because his form of grieving seems to be different to the others and thatís with taking the fact that he dated Belle out of the equation. You wrote his bitter resolution really well and it just made me want to go and give him a hug for all of his suffering.

Then that last sentence *cries to self*. Gah it was just so tragic and so true. I always thought that Sirius must have had a girlfriend who must have died just by the way he acts in the books. Aw his life is just so tragic, probably the most tragic out of all of them.

It made sense for James to be the resolute and calm one who would be sorting out everyoneís problems. I guess it comes from him not being as close to Belle as the others and having those natural leader-like qualities that no one else seems to possess. Itís making me wonder if and how he can shape their futures. All this excitement!

Then the ending! I thought it was perfect as it marked the end of their innocence and Hogwarts and them in the real world with having to battle it out now. Gah I just canít wait for the next book itís so exciting! Congrats Jami on finishing a novel, it must have been an amazing feeling and I feel so privileged to have seen part of its journey! I canít wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Okay, deep breaths, I think I can do this.

I'm so happy you liked Belle's grave and the scene for it. Sirius couldn't give her life again, but I think he'd really want to give her somewhere she belongs.

Bahh I'm so happy I have yo lots of emotions during that scene. It almost made more sad to write than last chapter, because it was all so final, but I think it helped give me a bit of closure, as well. And them, hopefully.

Yes! I really wanted to show Peter still as more nervous about this then the rest of the group. He has a rough book ahead of him...I'm super happy you picked up on that!

That's exactly what I wanted for Belle in this chapter. A little private look into the people who knew her best remembering her. And Kiana, you're too perceptive! There was definitely a reason I made sure she told them how to get in contact with her. hehe *hides*

I'm so happy/sad you liked Sirius's scene. Sirius, James and Lily are the three I wanted us to get a look at for this last chapter. Their our main three, and I just wanted them all to have a part in closing this book out.

I'm so happy you liked James tying it all up, and the ending! I've had that one line in my head about telling them about the Order for SO LONG! hahahah! I couldn't wait to write it. Poor Belle was always meant to be the reason they joined the order, the driving force that got so many young people to commit their lives.

Kiana, I honestly can't say thank you enough for the amazing reviews you've left me, your support, and just hanging in there with me through my first novel! I'm the one that feels privileged! And I hope so much you'll like book two as much as this one!! Maybe even more, hehe.

THANK YOU and I hope you're having a lovely holiday ♥

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