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Review:GinnyPotterForever says:
Can you imagine my surprise when I checked the story on Saturday night and found a new chapter? Although, I suppose Harry's birthday warranted one, and I should have taken your hint from the last reply.
On to the rollercoaster of emotions normal people call a chapter.

"Yes, Lucius thought, because telling him 'that' will help the boy sleep."
I love this line. Just shows how scared Lucius is of Bellatrix.
So Lucius knows Draco was getting Gryffindor lessons, but didn't remember to stop them when Harry came to stay? That's a bit negligent on his part - although, Narcissa knows exactly what's going on.
And then there's Draco and his new pro-muggleborn attitude. Ha! In your face, Lucy!:-P

Draco's got a whole new personality:-O He's prodding people, and he loves Mummy's hugs! But he still thinks muggleborns are different, shown by the fact that he asks Harry about Lily. It might just be morbid curiosity.
Harry trying to help Draco just reflects on his own character - helping someone even if he doesn't like them much (a characteristic thoroughly disliked by Ron in DH, when he screams 'If we die for them, I'll kill you Harry!' :-D).

Marlene. For the first time since 'Marlene's Revenge', I feel for her. She's hurting for Sirius no matter what happens (in her eyes, it's Azkaban or being kissed - at least until this point).
Harry certainly has a way with words - something he's learnt from both Sirius and Remus. And his smile reminds Marlene of Remus, since Remus used to smooth-talk the boys out of all kinds of situations.

The first few lines in Matt's P.O.V. made me laugh out loud. How Remus is scared of Dora is so adorable - pun intended.
And Dora has actually prepared for this! No wonder Remus is scared. She's basically predicted exactly what he's gonna say and countered it:-) Mad-Eye being funny and not wanting to get involved was a bonus;-)

Back to Marlene at Godric's Hollow.
'Grab him!' were the first words out of my mouth. Pettigrew was stupid to go there - Snape or Remus just might have dropped in. Thank Merlin they didn't - he'd have run the opposite direction otherwise. Why was he there in the first place? The last time he visited, he made it clear - nothing personal. Was he thinking of giving himself in? I don't think so.
Pettigrew has super-smelling powers too?
My heart is in my mouth as Marlene starts to fall into the web of lies Pettigrew quickly spins after her first moment of doubt - but then he slips. Finally - finally, the rat falls. And Marlene - who wants nothing more than to believe Sirius's version of events - catches on immediately. And acts accordingly. I just hope the dormio spell is strong enough to keep him subdued till she gets to the Ministry.
Now that Marlene knows Sirius is innocent, her entire outlook has to change. She's been trying to kill an innocent man, someone who she once loved, who loved her back, her last tie to long lost friends. She already feels remorse, and I hope she can pull it together in time to get Pettigrew to the courtroom. Now she's going to do everything in her power to see that Sirius is free (and unless you decide that he shouldn't be free for some reason, he actually should be). And when he is, what is his reaction going to be? This is going to be complicated enough as it is.

Sirius is back after a long time! Yippee! There wasn't much going on with him, but I missed his easy humor in the last few chapters.
Black robes were the standard in a courtroom weren't they? If so, colours are a huge departure;-) Black for Black - lets all go Goth!
Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Who are the other witnesses for offense? Dawlish and Dumbledore, obvious. Clearwater? Any relation to Penelope Clearwater? Because, as far as I remember, she was muggleborn (petrified by the basilisk).

Completely unrelated to this chapter, but what of Smoky and the entire mystery behind Melvin's death? I know Greyback explained a little, but not enough.

Anyway, this chapter was brilliant - inspiring my longest review ever. Your writing is absolutely fantastic, so much that I go back to your older stories when I'm bored. I hope my (still to be completed) story which I got inspired to dig up on Harry's birthday gets half the response yours do when I finally post it.

A belated Happy Rowling Day! :-)

Author's Response: Haha, well, hopefully it was a good surprise. :)

I think everyone's scared of Bella to be honest, but it was a good way to remind everyone that - no matter how unlikable he is - that Lucius is actually still human. :P He does - he proposed the idea, remember? What he doesn't know is that Snape's not the one teaching him to be a Gryffindor, and that Snape is actually teaching him spy skills. :P

Perhaps a bit negligent, except even Draco doesn't know what his lessons are really for, so it's not likely Harry would be able to work it out, particularly given the Malfoy family's reputation. It just seems like Draco and Snape are very close and spend time together most days. :P

Haha, yes Draco's new attitude is funny, though he's still not completely sure if he's pro-muggleborn; he just thinks he is. :P There's definitely a sort of morbid curiosity there, and you're right that he still thinks they're a different species... but baby step, I suppose. :P Yes, Harry had a noble moment, helping out someone to return a favour, but also because it was the right thing to do. :)

Marlene's had a pretty rough journey to get up to this point, and it quite literally about to fall apart, because, no matter which side she chooses, she's still losing. :S Harry has picked up a few tricks along the way, and he's starting to mirror Remus as well as Sirius. :)

I'd be scared of her too; Remus isn't one for confrontations (of any kind) and he already knows he shouldn't have ignored her, so I can't imagine he's looking forward to being told off. :P Matt, of course, is a few steps ahead of both of them, and knows to just leave them to it, and I daresay even Mad-Eye's caught on at this point. :P

Remus might have, but Peter would have tried to talk him around like he tried to with Marlene, and Peterhas no reason to think Snape might go there (as far as he's concerned, Snape's a Death Eater).
He went there because it's a quiet place where he won't be disturbed while he's making peace with his guilty conscience, and it's also the last place that anyone would think to look for him. Marlene was only there because she started to freak out and Gawain sent her there to try to get herself angry enough to sit through the trial. I think giving himself in certainly crossed his mind, but no, he was never going to. :/ He does, yes, but once Marlene arrived, running would have made herself look guilty, and he doesn't have a wand, so his only real option was to talk his way out of it.
Yes, she very nearly believed him; originally, I'd planned to have Marlene find him well before the trial and actually believe him, and together they'd have tried to kill Sirius again, but then Marlene went a bit crazy after her failed attempt, and isn't really in any state to be trying to kill anyone. :P She had a lot more self-doubt than I initially anticipated, and so I had to change the events a bit. :)
And yes, finally he messed up and was caught. :P The best part was that Marlene felt so sick about what she'd done that it effectively masked the rest of her scent, so Peter had no way to know she was going to put him to sleep. The spell will last long enough, but she'll probably reinforce it with other spells, just in case. Her biggest problem will be pulling herself together in time. :S Things are going to get very complicated from here on out. :S

He's back, yes! :D I know - I missed him too. :) Haha, yes, I figured people had to show their support (or lack of) somehow, and robe colour seemed like a good way to go. :)

Clearwater is the guard who was on duty the night Sirius escaped (probably the brother of Penelope's father), and Knight is the Hit Witch who was first on the scene after Peter's 'death'. :)
That's still under investigation; Dora and Mad-Eye are still hunting the perpetrator, and there'll be a bit on that once the trial's done. :)
Thank you so much! :D Haha, it is long. :P Aww! Ooh, what's it about? :D
Thank you so much for the review!

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