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Review:HeyMrsPotter says:
Hello! Here for our swap :)

I'm going to warn you in advance that this could be a fairly incoherent review and pretty much full of me gushing over this.

Just...WOW, really. I've never read a story like this ever, never mind on HPFF. At first I was unsure about who the characters were but that just made me want to read on. Never would I have expected it to just be two sides of Victoire.

I really love the mood you've created throughout this, usually to set such a dark tone to a story you need a heap of description but in this just her feelings and raw emotion managed it, it's incredible.

I think the thing I love about next gen is that we have the freedom to create our own personalities for the characters who we know only their names and nothing more. I find that despite this, fanfiction seems to have created it's own version of canon for Victoire, she's pretty and perfect and almost boring. What you have done for her in this is like nothing I've read before. She's dark and deep and has all these complex layers to her. It's like you've given her a split personality on the surafce but then there's just...[i] more[/i]. I can't explain it but it's outstanding. (At this point I'm running out of adjectives :p) I just love how bitter she is and really for no reason at all, I'm so intrigued by her! I also love the juxtaposition throughout this in her character, the beauty on the outside and then the utter torment and quite ugly person she is on the inside is amazing. I also love that you wrote 'Fleur and Bill' it's a tiny thing but I'm so used to reading it Bill and Fleur that it just emphasises how different she seems determined to be, plus she refers to them by their names rather than mum and dad, again reaffirming her opposition to conformity.

If I were REALLY nitpicking (and I only noticed this because I read this about 5 times before reviewing) I noticed a tiny typo "Fleur and Bill, the parents you canít seem to understands" But that's me nitpicking and if it were my story (I WISH THIS WAS MY STORY!) I'd like it pointed out ;)

Overall, in case you haven't noticed by now, I absolutely adored this. A million and one out of 10! Thanks for the swap (though your writing has put mine to shame!) I'll be stopping my rambling now ;)

Author's Response: Hi darling!! Thank you again for an awesome swap!!

Ahh I'm SO SO excited that you liked this!!! And that you realized by the end it was two sides of Victoire! I'm not a big fan of over describing, and though I love really great metaphors and pretty descriptive language, it's important to me to try and write something that a reader can just read. I don't want heavy language to get in the way of what I'm trying to tell, if that makes sense.

I wanted to write a story about someone gorgeous and who had the chance to be everything, have everything, do everything, but is just inexplicably messed up. Victoire fit the part, and like you said, being able to tweak next gen characters so much is definitely an awesome part about the era. I love what you said about it being like she has split personalities but then there's more. I thought a bit of her having MPD when writing this, and maybe that's a but of it, but more than anything i just wanted her to be not okay. Haha!

Thank you for the typo!!! I'm the queen of those, and LOVE when people take the time to point out what it was instead of just mentioning that there was one. And you're so sweet, haha! You've really made me feel entirely too happy, especially considering it's a Monday!

I really loved our swap! Thank you again, and PM me any time you want to swap again!

♥ Jami

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