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Review:GinnyPotterForever says:
Oh. My. Merlin.
(That was my reaction to the entire chapter.)

Draco's lesson on blood prejudice was brilliant, I always thought the purebloods should be shown their place by performing that exact same act.

Narcissa has become more Gryffindor-ish than before - she stopped herself from patting Hydrus, instead of thinking about hugging Draco.:-)

Bosworth! I can't believe Pettigrew was hiding as Bosworth! I mean, how is the cool and more talented rat? I thought it'd be Roquefort.

"You're certain it was Pettigrew?"
When I read that, I jumped up and down yelling "Oh! Life-debt! Life-debt! Bring him to court!" Literally jumping and screaming.:O
And then I remembered that one of them has to be aware of the magic. So I yelled - "Tell Harry! Tell Harry!"
But then I remembered - again - Pettigrew knows about Life-debts! When Dumbledore explains them to Moody in White Flags, he's listening as well!! So the debt exists, and even if Harry just wishes unknowingly during the trial that Pettigrew should come forward, he will!! :-)

Harry's becoming sneakier - proof of Marauder blood! B-) So he's aware he has some sort of control of Pettigrew, but doesn't know exactly what. That's better than nothing, at least.

And just when I thought everything was going to plan - you ruin it!:-/ After Snape and Narcissa's careful planning, the entire new potion bit and everything - Pettigrew runs. Yet again.
He wishes Sirius had died in the confrontation? What would he have done, pretended to be Remus's friend for the rest of his life? Because that's what would have happened - Voldemort, Harry, everyone except Remus would be left, and he'd still be on the run from death eaters who knew his involvement.

Hopefully, Sirius will get his trial in the next chapter and the rat will be compelled to come when Harry says something like "I wish he was here!"

You've delivered a wonderful chapter, as always. I seem to remember the days of the week by 'how many more days till a new chapter of Innocent?' now. :-)

How many more days to this week, exactly? I don't seem to remember;-) can this week be shorter?

Author's Response: Haha, arguably this chapter was a filler before the trial, but there were some pretty important things going on. :)
I'm glad you liked it - I've had that particular lesson planned for quite some time, though I hadn't decided which two characters would be involved/when to use it. This chapter seemed as good as any. :) It'll certainly have some interesting consequences... :P
Haha, so you noticed that? :) Yes, she's still slipping up with her behaviour, although, unlike Draco she knows that she's doing it. :P
Yes, he was Bosworth; arguably, he's got his human intelligence as a rat and so he was reasonably easy to train; I doubt he enjoyed it, but he's probably a bit fitter than he was as Scabbers, and he wouldn't have wanted to upset Hydrus (for fear of upsetting Lucius). :P
Haha, really? :) Aww. :) Peter does know about them, yes. He's probably forgotten, but magic won't mind. :P I think it probably has to be a verbal command, or at least be called in through an exchange between its participants (in DH, Harry said something about Peter owing him, and in WF, James had to argue with Moody). I think the more unwilling the indebted participant is to complete the task, the more effort is expended getting them to do it (though the magic always wins). :) If Harry asked him/told him to come forward, then yes, he would have to.
He is getting sneaky, although he wasn't exactly averse to eavesdropping in canon either. :P He is aware, and that's probably enough to get Peter to complete any task Harry might give him, but he has to find Peter first. :/
Yes, ruined as always, I'm afraid. You didn't really think it would be that easy, did you? :P Peter's too clever for that, and he'd have had to be stupid not to be suspicious of Narcissa and Snape. (Snape was going to come back in the morning under the pretense of checking the potion had worked, stun the rat and pocket him and then pretend he couldn't find him; Snape would have taken him to the trial). :S
Azkaban's a worse fate than death, and I think Peter feels enough guilt to want to spare Sirius that. He's an evil man, but he's not completely devoid of compassion. :/ I don't know if he would have gone to Remus - it would be hard to explain how Peter survived a spell that killed its supposed caster - but he could have pretended to be dead too and no one would ever have questioned it.
The trial will begin next chapter, yes. :)
Aww, thank you! :D Haha, I do the same, although my weekdays are 'How many days do I have to finish this chapter before it's due to be published?'. :P
Well... it is Harry's birthday on Wednesday...
Thank you so much for the review!

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