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Review:Jchrissy says:

The description of the potion is absolutely disgusting. Oh my god. I could never, ever drink Polyjuice. I remember thinking that in the books, now you’ve just reminded me why :P!

I love the irony of Draco feeling irritate about being around small minded, self important people. There wasn’t a time so long ago where I can imagine Lucius, Narcissa and Draco sitting in a sort of situation where Narcissa might not think Draco was getting the respect he deserved and saying similar things. He’s come a long way, our Draco, especially to be able to recognize such annoying qualities in others.

Oh of course stupid Blaise couldn’t keep a secret. I hate that Draco’s had to become even more absorbed in this all. Honestly, I think the best thing he could do would be to tell Astoria what’s going on, tell the group he won’t be involved in it, and if they out him for the wedding... well, the idea that Draco tricked his way into the wedding to spend time with Astoria is still a lot more pleasant than him being involved in their mental idea to get things going again. Not that it would all be an easy encounter, and with the hotheadedness of his friends he might be dealing with them trying to take revenge, but at least if he’s having to defend himself that will prove even more who’s side he’s on.

Okay, ramble over. Haha. I really like Astoria’s attitude toward Emery/Draco. She plays a long for a few minutes -- maybe to give him a chance to confess -- then, oh boy. She’s not letting him get away with this one.

It’s nice to see Astoria acting a bit over dramatic. She’s always pretty composed, that watching her snap on Draco was a lot of fun! Ohhh Draco can be so sincere this time! I was worried he might get angry back, but I loved seeing him care enough to apologize!

I can’t even... I don’t know how to comment on the Astoria to Draco ‘look what I can do’ section. You left her line off on a perfect one with her reaching her hand, and then Draco’s ‘what are you doing!’

Aww now I feel sad for both of them :(. Astoria’s so hurt, and Draco seems genuinely willing to try and fix that hurt but he just doesn’t understand. He wants to keep her safe, and I still think he’s making a mistake by not telling her everything, but all that happens is she gets filled with all the doubt every girl will deal with once in a while.

I also love that she’s already considering it as ‘what she lost’ because everything really is that cut and dry at her age. She feels like that’s it, not like they’ll work things about, but that it’s just the end of it all. God, you couldn’t pay me to be 16 again. Poor thing just needs a big hug.

This was a much more emotional chapter and really showed a lot of Draco’s more caring sides. But I really liked to have it end with so much turmoil, and of course leave us to wonder how they’ll work things out.

Another awesome chapter, Daniel! 

Author's Response: Hi, Jami!

I don't think I could handle polyjuice, either, but I used to think the same thing about bourbon. I suppose you can acquire a taste for anything, or at least learn to suppress your gag reflex.

Wasn't that some delicious irony? Draco is experiencing the world as "the 99%" lives it, and he's definitely learned a thing or two. I imagine that the Draco in this story would not be able to stand the Draco from the beginning of Marked.

It was pretty dumb of Draco to assume that Blaise wouldn't blab his secret. Zabini is in so far over his head that bits of information are really the only "currency" he has to maintain his status among his fellow conspirators. You're probably right about the long-term merits of the path Draco's chosen versus one where he simply comes clean with Astoria about everything. At the moment, however, he's just too wrapped up in his own bad memories of the war to see that. All he can think about is keeping her out of it. And as far as his old "friends" go, he feels as though he can handle them with little or no trouble. Spending time around Bellatrix and Voldemort messes with your sense of what's dangerous and what isn't.

Astoria was all kinds of confused in this chapter. She still has the conversation with Isadore ringing in her ears, and all the insecurities that went along with it. She was feeling a little hurt that Draco sneaked into the wedding without telling her. And once she realizes that Draco isn't planning to reveal himself, that hurt turns into betrayal. So she does saddle up the Drama Llama and ride. I'm glad you liked that part. I've really been trying to show her in a more realistic light for a 16-year-old girl.

Their relationship is definitely on rocky shoals now. As of the last moment you see them, both of them are pretty much in shock. Astoria has had a little more time to process what happened, but she's still far from being in a good state of mind. Don't worry, I don't want to have any 16-year-old girls around. Too much drama.

All I can say is that you know that things *will* work out in the end, it's just a matter of when and how it happens. Which is coming up soon. ;)

Thanks for all of your help, support and awesome reviews!

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