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Review:CambAngst says:
Hello, hello! As you can see, I've now run out of story to read. Gives me something to look forward to...

Makaio gives me this image in my head that's a cross between Disney's version of Tarzan and the older sister's boyfriend in Lilo and Stitch. Actually those are both Disney characters, now that I think about it. Sorry if I just Disney-fied your story. It wasn't on purpose. ;) At any rate, he seems like a really affable fellow. One of the really neat things about getting into a story at such an early stage of the game is trying to imagine how -- or even whether -- the characters you meet are going to figure into the final outcome. Being a lawman of sorts, I could see Makaio being either the small-town sheriff archetype who shows up to haul the antagonists away after Rose and Viktor prevail -- "I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you meddling wizards!" -- or possibly becoming an antagonist if something happens that blows Rose and Viktor's cover. His back story, with his worldly adventures and military background, opens up a lot of possibilities.

I'm not at all sure to make of Rose's possible sighting of a head full of Weasley red. Has Hugo come looking for her? Or someone pretending to be Hugo? Or Hugo pretending to be somebody else? The possibilities are pretty endless at this point. If it really is Hugo, I have to imagine that this isn't just a social call. It makes me really curious as to what sorts of things have been happening back in Britain while Rose and Viktor have been on the run.

Viktor let out a low grumble of disapproval. We dont need other people for human contact. He gave her arm a gentle tug, pulling her closer to him and capturing her lips in his. -- How do you do it? Viktor makes grumpy seem so sexy!

I think you did a great job of inventing an island culture. Everything felt really authentic, right down to the small touches.

Ooh! So Viktor is pushing Rose to start writing again. I like this development. I'm kind of curious what she'll decide to write about. She's already done her great work of nonfiction. Maybe something fictional this time.

As always, I liked the deceptively easy dynamic you created between Rose and Viktor. I say deceptive because it always feels like there are a dozen little games being played out beneath the smooth surface of their unhurried conversations. They really are perfect for one another.

Beautiful chapter. I couldn't find a single thing wrong with it!

Author's Response: It's so pathetic how slow I'm updating this story. When did life get so crazy busy!?

Disney-fy away! As long as you aren't comparing it to the 10th straight-to-DVD Tinkerbell movie, I'll take is as a compliment. Seriously though, I'm really happy that Makaio gives off the vibe that he has some larger part to play in the story, but that you aren't sure just yet which side of the fence he'll land on. I try really hard to make all the characters, no matter how minor, feel like they could bring something important to the table. They don't always, but hopefully it adds depth and a little mystery.

The whole Hugo question will sort of unfold as the story goes, though he'll definitely be around again soon. My hope was that not only does the Hugo sighting bring up questions about what's happening back home, but what's going on in Rose's mind. If she really did see him, that's a huge deal since he shouldn't' be on the island. If she didn't see him, then who did she see, or is she simply going crazy?

I don't do anything! I swear, it's all Krum. I'd never be able to pull off saying a line like that in real life :P

I really didn't intend to have Rose writing again in this story, but once I added it, it felt like it would have been wrong not to include it. Hopefully it plays out well...

They do play games with each other! Half the time I can't decide if I see them as terribly perfect for each other, or perfectly terrible.

Thank you so much for the review! I always so enjoy reading all your comments!!

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