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Review:FredWeasleyIsMyKing says:
Hello Jami!

When I saw the title of this chapter I was immediately excited! You know how much I love James so it was nice to have a chapter quite focused on him.

But let's rewind to the order meeting. I liked the start - it kind of gave us an update as to what's happening in the Ministry, Order and what Voldemort's up too. You also confirmed what I suspected about McGonagall's reluctance to ask her Gryffindors to join the order as well as Dumbledores. I liked the little cameo's of other characters too - Moody is always fun but also Hagrid.

The start of the gang's section at the breakfast table really had me giggling. I love your idea's about James puking in the middle of the game and Peter's fear he might need the loo up in the air. I have to say though, my favourite bit was this bit: 'She used to get annoyed by that trait of his, the bullheaded sort of attitude that always prompted him to think he could get whatever he wanted. Now she understood it better, and honestly couldn't help but admire it. It wasn't as if he thought he could get anything he desired because he was James Potter. No... it was the fact that he'd apparently realized long ago he had the ability to set his mind to something and try harder than anyone else to make it happen.' Yes. This is actually James. You've also given a little nod to how annoying Lily used to find him but as always I'm so so so happy you didn't focus on any of that. This version of them is so much better! Sorry to copy such a long quote but that may be one of my fav quotes relating to James/Lily!

Eugh - it feels like your starting the build up to Olivia and William and I hate that! I love them so much, you've seriously made them come to life as characters and I know I'm going to be uber sad when the time comes. I like your attention to the floo/apparation effects though and how they may take their toll on the body.

The Quidditch match was so exciting. You're right - you can't keep repeating things over and over again but you managed to capture the excitement of the match and you also made me so happy that James won! I think you did a great job! Also - the little present for James was a really cute and lovely idea.

Finally, the last bit. It was kind of sad to see Lily still effected by Alreks attack, but of course it was necessary. Of course she would still be dealing with it. Poor James must have felt awful but it was him who could make her feel better of course. A horrible but good way to finish the chapter!

Two typos I spotted:

'A few Hit Wizrads have already run.' Wizards not Wizrads (although that is kind of a cool word)

'keep the Ministry protecting the wizaring world' a different variation but I presume you mean wizarding.

Awesome chapter lovely! I really enjoyed this one!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Lauren ♥

I really liked taking a bit to focus on James and well. He's the least exhausting of the bunch, i think :P!

I think the power struggle that was going between the Ministry, the people in it, and Voldemort would have really created a lot of danger. The Minster or a department head doesn't do what they've been ordered/threatened to, and suddenly a bus full of muggles is flipped off a cliff or a building is exploded.

Ahh I'm so happy you liked that bit, as it was one of those few of mine that I actually end up liking :P. I think James could seem very entitled until you get to know him and realize it's not that he thinks he deserves it all, but he wants it and he's going to find a way to damn well get it! :P

Don't worry, as I've mentioned before, I will keep those two around for as long as possible ♥ Lily's fun to look at the odd parts of magic, like Floo, through because she's a Muggle born and you'd think would have to think it's all just really odd sometimes :P

Yay!!! I'm so happy you liked the Quidditch game!!! It was hard, haha. I was happy that people *cough Lauren* have been asking *cough demanding* that I write a match, because it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be :P!

Thank you so much for another amazing review, m'dear! And I'm really happy you saw how necessary to show that Lily's still dealing with the attack is.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your amazing reviews ♥ ♥ ♥

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