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Review:patronus_charm says:
Sorry that this review is going to be smaller than usual, I should have started getting ready for my holiday a lot earlier!

I really liked that scene where Malfoy was trying to get Montague to let him go to the wedding. It was nice to see him with a friend, if I can call him that, as we tend to just see him with Astoria so he casts a rather lonely image of himself. Hearing the guests commentary about him being Montague was great too and had me chuckling away!

The scene with Theodore Nott was even better! Itís making me want to read CoB even more, itís just finding the time to do it is the real issue. Iíve never really seen him as such an evil person before because heís usually a nice person in all the stories Iíve read about him so seeing him was a really nice change.

The story regarding Jeremy Gamp and their plan to take over the world is really great! Great in a sense of storyline as opposed to killing off innocent muggleborns. I really canít wait to see what happens in Wales and see more of this Gamp person because he intrigued me last time we saw him so Iím really looking forward to seeing him again!

The interaction between ĎEmeryí and Astoria was really great. I felt rather sorry for her with her not knowing it was him, at least she found out in the end! I loved the moment when I realised she had sussed it out who it really was. I think that line from poor old Draco who was still trying to keep on his disguise was really brilliant with him Ďliking guysí, then Astoriaís comeback was even better.

Astoria and Dracoís relationship hit an interesting point in this chapter. I never really realised how insecure she was until now with doing what she thought would prove her love and her jealously of Pansy. I guess one thing I forget is that she is younger Draco and probably was more shielded from the war than he was so she still is a child in some ways so I guess thatís a reason for that.

Aw I really felt for her in that last scene! I really canít wait to see what follows on from this and see how Draco and Astoriaís relationship manages to continue after this hurdle. A great chapter, Dan!


Author's Response: Kiana! Long time, no see. Of course, this is my fault because long time, no update. Still, awesome to see you back!

I wouldn't say that Draco and Emery are friends -- rather far from it, actually -- but they have a common objective in this case. Draco wants to go to the wedding, Emery doesn't. So it fits well for them.

I'm afraid my Theo Nott will never be the upstanding, fatherly type that Sam writes, but he can be an interesting character. In this case, he knows he has Draco painted into a corner and he freely takes advantage of that fact.

Gamp is probably not as much of an evil villain as he fancies himself to be, but he's more than enough for the current situation. Enough to make Draco scared for Astoria's safety and putting him back into a wartime mentality.

Astoria actually knew that "Emery" was Draco from the moment she saw him. She found out when she overheard Gamp and the others talking about it. She was just mad at him for not telling her in advance what he was planning to do. So she lets him squirm a bit before she reveals the fact that she knows. Draco, for his part, is doing his best to make her not like Emery. Not that she does anyway, but he's hoping to give her more ammunition for her conversations with her parents.

I keep reminding myself as I write this that Astoria is only 16 years old and very sheltered. She might be mature for her age, but she is very insecure about the fact that she's not as worldly as some of the other girls that Draco has been with. Those insecurities get the best of her in this chapter.

It isn't going to be easy for Draco and Astoria to overcome this. Something *big* might need to happen. ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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