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Review:patronus_charm says:
I should be packing but seeing everyoneís reactions to this on the forums made me head over right away. Seeing that everyoneís crying made me only think that someone must have died. My guesses are either Belle or one of the Potter seniors. Letís see if Iím right or notÖ

Gah the memories when they packing were so sad! It made me reminisce about reading this story too and how I stupidly didnít come back after the first chapter for some reason I canít even remember and then you posted in my status and I did finally come back and I fell in love with this story. Gah, itís just so sad to think that itís all coming to an end. ♥ Your summary really does sum it up as I have been on a journey with them and now the first half is coming to an end. If Iím not liking it I dread to be them!

The mentions about Abigail have worried me slightly as she might be playing a role in whatever caused everyone to tear up or maybe sheís just had a change of heart? Who knows, well you do :P Aw and all the mentions towards Butterscotch were wonderful. ♥

Belleís thoughts about how everyone would probably have a family except her and Sirius were so sad ♥ It only strengthened my belief that she is going to die in this chapter! Though I hate to say it, I agree with what she was thinking. Though I have the advantage of knowing canon and that Sirius didnít have a family, I just somehow canít ever picture the two of them ever settling down. Iím not even sure why itís just this odd feeling I have.

Belle continued to be insanely agitated in this chapter it was even beginning to put me on edge. Even when the boys were talking about the map and the others were deciding what to do with the picture she somehow seemed disconnected from them as if she was in her own world. Then the thoughts about meeting the Potters and all those questions about them made me wonder what was really on her mind.

Aw the scene with Belle and Sirius was really sweet. I really liked all the fluff between them and I also liked it for another reason. As soon as it was Siriusí POV I felt as if calm had washed over me and that there was no reason to be agitated here, so there definitely is something up with Belle!

Oh man this line made me crack up Ė ĎWeíre casting spells, this is so funny,Ē he gave a false giggle and added a mock hair flip just for good measure.í I hate to say it but it is true about the giggling thing. I didnít even realise I did it until I read it here. Iím going to make a mental note to refrain from doing it in the future!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Alice + Frank are getting married? *lets out a loud squeal* gah this is so exciting! Then thereís the heist into the Blackís house and the fact that Sirius and Belle are mind twins in regards to marriage. Ooh itís so wonderful. Iím just so nervous about whatís going to happen to make everyone cry I canít enjoy it all!

I know I shouldnít have been laughing but I couldnít help myself! Itís just Siriusí description of Belleís family to his mother and how Alice is Ďdatingí James. I just couldnít believe that she sort of fell for it and it was simply brilliant. It shows that the simpler the plan the more likely it is to succeed. I loved the bam moment! I was slightly confused about all the emphasis on the camera beforehand but now it makes perfect sense and I loved the idea. Belle was just awesome there really and Iím glad they got what they wanted.

NO! I didnít want to be right! Well, Iím not even sure if I am because Iím only at the bit where Belleís being apparated away but I can guess whatís going to happen. This is a revenge attack by Walburga for what they did to her and sheís chosen Belle because she knows it will hit Sirius the hardest. I really donít want to be right, I guess Iíll have to force myself to read on and find out the hard way :í(

ď'Ello, Bellatrix,Ē Belle said evenly, ignoring the tremors passing through her. ďI suppose you arenít 'ere to chat?Ē woo go Belle! She really is sadistic doing it in the flat though I felt so proud of Belle being able to talk and fight back at Bellatrix.

I was right *sobs loudly to self* I had so many moments in that scene when Bellatrix was talking to her that it might not happen but when Belle was thinking of the differences between her and Alrek I knew it was going to happen. It was just so quick she was there and now sheís not. I really donít know what to say. I just canít gah. Itís horrible. Iím sending you a virtual hug right now Jami because this must have been horrible to write.

Gah I feel for you Sirius! I donít think youíre a monster Jami, not at all! It really added realism to it and I knew all along and mentioned it in quite a few reviews that I thought Belle was going to have to die, I just didnít want it to happen. Not now, when everything was lovely. Iím going to find wifi next Saturday no matter what. If I canít, you know that Iím eagerly awaiting the chapter. Iím going to go and find some chocolate to get rid of all those feelsÖ


Author's Response: Hi Kiana!!! ♥

I can't even say I'm sorry that you're putting off packing, because I'm too excited to see you here ♥

It was so fun putting in some of the memories from the story, and I know what you mean! How is it possible that the story is so close to coming to an end?! Aww I'm so happy I wrangled you back here, because I'm more than lucky to have you as a reviewer. I feel so honored with the support you've given me ♥

Abigail will be one of the subplots that follows through to the next book, so she isn't disappearing anytime soon ;).

Oh Kiana :( ugh. As you know, your ideas are usually right on...

I'm so happy you liked the scene with Belle and Sirius! It was nice to have some fluff, and I agree with Sirius's PoV calming us down. He doesn't have the same sort of nerves that Belle did, and it was fun for me to switch over writing to him because Belle was exhausting hahaha.

Alice and Frank are getting married!!! I'm so gad you're excited, and I'm SO anxious to write that wedding!

Ugh, I'm sorry :( :( I didn't want you to be right :(. But yes, she stays sadistic until the end.

Oh my gosh Kiana, I can't even explain it. I knew Belle would die from the start, and you'll see more of the reason next chapter, but I wasn't prepared with what it would feel like to take her away. I fell so in love with her and knowing I don't have her anymore just makes this empty sort of feeling and gah :(.

You guessed all along that she would die, and I wish I could have proven you wrong. But I'm so happy you don't think I'm a monster, and thank you so much for your compliments and support and not telling me I'm mean and terrible.

Phew, okay, now I'm all emotional again. You have fun on your vacation my dear, and by next Saturday we'll have seen this thing to the end!

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