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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hi Maggie! Youíve spoilt me with another shout-out, it was no problem helping you out it was fun and definitely worth this amazing chapter! ♥

You are cruel Maggie! At the beginning of this chapter I was just thinking how wonderful and mature Salazar and Helgaís relationship was and how I could really see something big happening between them. Unfortunately the big thing had to be a bad big thing :(

I really liked how you incorporated each houseís characteristics in the way each founder approached the boggart, it was a really clever and subtle idea which I enjoyed a lot. I liked how Helga was the one to go first because it seems fitting in a way. It wasnít only because she knew what she was approaching but she just seemed to be one who would did that. I canít seem to phrase it but I liked it anyhow.

I think Rowenaís boggart was the one I enjoyed most, possibly because I could relate to it most. Maybe itís just a thing in common with Claws but the thought of having someone mock me was horrible and I could really sense Rowenaís pain so well that my own cheeks were beginning to blush as a result of it. The resolution to it was great though, because it really shows what another level Rowena is on with her being the only one who got the jokes.

Godricís boggart = :O! I never, ever expected that and it was probably as shocking for me as it was for the others. I obviously knew he feared pureblood people like Salazar but I never knew that the fear was so great it would result in that. The outcome of it was brilliant in my opinion. The emotions you captured were really great and I could just sense the shock resonating around them all.

It made sense that Godric finally admitted to Salazar what he really was and just that cold Salazar emanated was horribly chilling. Iím so worried about the future of Helgazar with the way Salazar was questioning why Helga was there and the talk heís going to have with Godric. I know he would have to find out eventually, but not now when everything was going so well.

Another fabulous chapter, Maggie, and I canít wait to read the next! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana! I'm so excited that you came! Sorry it's taken me forever to respond to this incredible review, but rest assured that I loved it :D

These last couple of chapters have been such an emotional roller-coaster to write! It was almost sad to write them in such a comfortable place last chapter, because I knew things had to take a darker turn soon :(

I'm glad you liked the boggart scene! I think a boggart can be a great way to reveal more about characters, and I wanted to use this scene to do that. I feel like we really get a better sense of Rowena and Godric, especially (I'll get to your thoughts on them later). And I think I get what you mean about Helga being the one to go first. She sensed that it would be harder for the others to reveal their fears in front of everyone, so she tried to ease things for them.

If I ever was in a room with a boggart, I think it might be something similar to Rowena's. I'm glad that resonated with you too, because I was totally cringing as I was writing it! But she was able to get the best of it. And it was fun to show the flip side of it, as well. Like you said, her humor is on another plane (and I think it would amuse her even more that the other don't always get it.)

Haha, you're not the only reviewer who was shocked by Godric's boggart! I'm glad it was shocking, though; it was a very intense scene to write, and I hoped some of that would get through. I felt like it was time to shift some focus onto Godric, especially since all the other founders have had at least one big character-development moment. And this just fit so perfectly. I wanted to show how important Godric's loved ones are to him, and also incorporate some of that Gryffindor courage by having him own up to the truth.

This story is getting pretty close to the end (which is kind of sad to think about), so the lingering Helgazar questions will be answered soon. I'm working quickly on ch. 10, because I hate to leave them in limbo :/ Hopefully it will be up soon! Thank you so much for a wonderful, day-making review!


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