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Review:Siriusly89 says:
Review #6  Iím so sad that this is the last review. Please promise me youíll write more James/Lily or Marauders in the future! Youíre so good at it! Please, Iím begging you! (Figuratively) on my knees right now!

Awh! Baby Harry, I love it so much! And then James and Sirius attempting to pull him away from his food. I have a feeling Harryís a bit of a Mammyís boys, am I correct? In my mind he is anyway!

James comment about missing the missions, and the Sirius with his Ďitís no fun to insult Death Eaters, especially when Moody threatens to hit you with his legí! How do you do it! Iím giggling fit to burst over here (not good, seeing as most of the house is asleep, but still, canít help it!) I love how James gave up the mission when Harry was born though, shows how much he cares for him and Lily, such a James thing to do!

Harry getting sick all over Sirius, hah! That little bit of James in him coming out there I see. Then Sirius having his own room, gah! Again with attacking my feels. James and Sirius really are a package deal though, arenít they? Theyíre so, intertwined or something, itís just so bromance-y and lovely and makes me want to run around hugging strangers and throwing sweets at people and gah.

James feeding the cat. Donít know why I find that amusing, but I do. So letís just roll with it, shall me? :P

And the whole shebang takes a rather sinister turn when Dumbledore shows up. Poor guy, bearer of bad news, telling them that Voldieís after their seven month old son.

Oh Sirius, ĎHarry would be able to live without his godfather. He couldnít live without his parentsí- he had to live without all three. This is so sad, this line. The three of them cared so much for Harry, and Harry was denied that love by that sadistic monster Voldemort. Argh. It makes me so angry sometimes. And he had to go off and live with that, that awful woman and he pig of a husband and her bully of a son and live under a stairs and- well you know the rest, but still! Not fair!

Lily and James stay up all night once again, but this time it wasnít to finish an essay, or to play Exploding Snap. No this time, Lily cried because she knew no matter what she did, her son would more than likely end up either dying, or growing up without one, if not both of his parents. Of course we know what happens in the end (Good prevailing, Voldemort going to hell where he belongs) but still, so sad, so, so sad.

And so, after a few short chapters, you have reduced my feels to shreds.

Just thank you so much, well I suppose for writing these, they made me laugh, cry, all the things you could think of, you really are an extraordinary writer

Author's Response: There's still three chapters to go! I've written the seventh, about 800 words of the eighth chapter and half of the ninth! I've refrained from posting because I like to post these in three big chunks. :p

Also, I'm thinking of starting a James/Lily novel once I finish school and write more of Naive. I just need an idea haha!


hahaha babies are always sick on people. I have luckily never had to deal with that, but my friends have from their cousins/nieces/nephews/etc. :p It was also influenced by John Green saying in a video that we as babies vomited on our parents and they still kept us haha!

I know, it gets so sad and angsty as soon as Dumbledore showed up. :(

I'm sorry for making you cry, I didn't mean to even though I cried myself when writing it. :p

You're such a kind person oh my god, LET ME LOVE YOU. *chases trying to engulf you in a tight hug*

Thank you so much for all these reviews, they meant the world to me. Thank you thank you thank you! ♥

- Kayla. :)

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