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Review:Siriusly89 says:
Okay, okay, I know your prize was three reviews, but letís face it, this is one of the best James/Lilyís Iíve read in an age, so Iím reviewing the whole thing! :P

Review #4!

Ah poor Lily! I too have forgotten homework (many a time, as Iím the scattiest person youíll ever meet) but I agree with Mary, he was just being a grump, give the girl a break for peatís sake! Sheís such a good student, and Iím pretty sure sheís never forgotten it before, so just lay off her Mr Horrible! Okay though, James, you deserved it pet. Not going to defend you!

Ah James, describing Voldemort as Ďjust a bunch of letters thrown togetherí, love it! Sometimes you end up seeing a lot of Harry in James, donít you? Except Harryís more tightly wound, a bit of Lily, if Iím not mistaken. James is just so, so casual and relaxed about almost everything. It would be nice to see him serious for once though I suppose knowing James, he doesnít have a serious side does he? Except when heís with Sirius, of course :P (Iím sorry, that was really bad, I just couldnít resist!)

I love it, James just threw it together in Herbology, hoping to scrape by! And Lilyís comment about the creativeness only working on someone like Dumbledore was spot on too, lets face it, the man was a bit, err, well mad, wasnít he?

Lilyís so competitive! First with the Gobstones, and now with the Exploding Snap! Sheís so cute though, in her twelve-year old adorableness. She has this aura around her, like she knows everything, but at the same time, sheís really innocent, and actually doesnít know anything at all about the real world, donít get me wrong, sheís smart and all, but like, she doesnít have street smarts if that makes any sense, something that James has in abundance!

The whole chase scenario with Filch was just brilliant. At this age, James and Lily really remind me of Harry, Hermione and Ron. James is a bit like Harry and Ron rolled into one, isnít he? And then Lilyís such a little Hermione, I have a feeling they wouldíve gotten on well, had Lily not, well, you know,

Dumbledore knowing where they were was just so Dumbledore-ish! I really would love to know how he does it, but then again, like James said, heís a bit crazy, but brilliant all the same!

Next chapter, here I come! :D

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! You're far too kind to me, oh my god!

I don't forget homework, ever, but I do "forget" homework. ;) It's just I'm so lazy so I just never do any of it and then wonder why I fail everything uGHHH.

ANYWAY, I'm glad you enjoyed this haha! I've always imagined Lily to be extremely competitive. I don't know why, but I always have. :p

Yeah, although Lily is academically smart, she doesn't understand a lot about the Wizarding world, but that's where James comes in. *cue superhero music*

Oh god, Dumbledore was SO SCARY TO WRITE AHHH. But everyone says that I've written him pretty well, so yay I guess? :p

Anywho, thanks for leaving me a review! /rhyme.

- Kayla. :)

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