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Review:Siriusly89 says:
Review #3!

Back in the library again I see, being glared at by the librarian I see. What is it with Hogwarts and employing crabby librarians, itís like an unspoken rule, that each librarian must be mean and slightly obsessive over their books! But James and Lily are more than cute together properly! Aaah! Excitement at reading this is ridiculous :P

ĎNot for you two to do your businessí Ėanother laugh out loud moment right there! I will bet you anything that Lily is going to blush like a tomato. I was correct! I know her so well! James helping her with her essay is just adorable. He hates Potions, yet heís willing to help Lily (okay, he knows that the sooner she finishes, the sooner he can snog her) but the sentiment is cute all the same!

ĎMainly because if she did fail, sheíd probably lock herself in her room and not come out. James was rather fond of her.í-this is both a naww and a laugh out loud moment. I have a feeling heís more than Ďrather fond of herí but I wont start shouting at him just yet, mostly because heís seventeen and him telling Lily he loved her would probably scare her to death (although there is quite a considerable amount left to go in this chapter, it could happen yet!)

Aaah! Jamesí offer. Just no words. No words. Because I know he doesnít mean it to be anything more than just the two of them cuddling and talking until the sunrise. Itís every girls dream isnít it, finding someone as perfect as James. In reality, I realise Iíve set the bar pretty high here, but I will not settle for anything less than my personal James. TA guy who will chase me for years and not give up no matter how many times I tell him to go away, someone to stay up with till three in the morning completing essays, someone to stand in front of the most evil person of all time, wandless, trying to save my life. Yes. Ideal man? See James Potter!

Oh Sirius, such comedic value! James and Lily were having such a cute morning (they said they loved each other! I knew there was a considerable amount of chapter left for that to happen!) And he just barges in, shouting at them to go to sleep, of course, forgetting that there were people who were sound asleep also in the dorm!

James and Lily really are night owls, arenít they? Well, James is on a high due to the pain potion, but whets Lilyís excuse :P ?

Sirius! Bold Sirius! That ĎFinally; wasnít referring to him getting a good nights sleep now they were gone, was it? The suspicious object he threw at James confirms my theory. Bad Sirius! Donít embarrass poor Jamesie!

Nawww, sitting around playing Gobstones at four in the morning. I love it, so much itís ridiculous. I think Iíll end this rambling review here (I have to go review the next one, I canít stop now, can I? ;) )

See you!

Author's Response: Hello!

haha it isn't just Hogwarts, all school librarians are mean. D: Even when you're nice and courteous to them, they're still grumpy old ladies. :p

My ideal man is James Potter, I must admit. :p

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter. Reading your reviews really give me a big grin on my face. :D

Thank you so much! ♥

- Kayla. :)

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