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Review:Siriusly89 says:
Hey! Sarahjane here, not only with your prize from the ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Quote Challenge, but also for the review challenge for Hufflepuff in the HC, talk about two birds with one stone, eh? Jily foreba!!! ♥

And so, off we go with Review #1,

Nawww, James followed Lily all the way to the library. He may have had the Marauders Map to help him, but I like to think he spent at least a half-hour tracking her down, running all over Hogwarts and the grounds like a mad-man, yelling her name. Ah! I can just see him now! Run little Jamesie, run like the wind!

Ahem, sorry about that.

‘As the rest of the library kept shooting them furtive glances’- I’m surprised a first year didn’t faint! James POTTER and Lily EVANS, sitting TOGETHER in the library, not only GETTING ALONG, but HELPING EACH OTHER. :O
I loved James’ little ‘secretive’ smirk at the Animagi, of course he knows all about them, doesn’t he spend most of his time gallivanting around the grounds as a stag? And then Lily’s little comment about him not having to study, because she hates him for being so perfect, doesn’t she? In my Head Canon, Lily and Petunia are similar in that way, they’re both striving for unreachable levels of perfection. Lily finds it with James, but Petunia spends her whole life-sorry, babbling on! Back to the point!

Snape, slithering on up to talk to her. I do feel bad for him though, because we all say things we don’t mean sometimes. And now, are you ready for more babbling, because in my opinion, James has the gift of forgiveness (something Harry inherited from him) but Lily, she’s stubborn, and once you ‘betray her trust’ you’re gone!

‘I don’t like borrowing books, it makes me feel weird’- Lily Evans, you are my twin in disguise! Okay, I know libraries are great things, but you don’t know who has been pawing those books! Or where they’ve been! My bag also usually weighs about half my body weight (and trust me, I’m not a petit girl :p) but I have no James to offer to carry it for me *despair*

James Potter, why are you wandering around without a shirt on? But him and Lily, oh the dirty jokes! James really can make anything bad, I mean ‘curdle’ euugh. . . . Oh god, proof I’ve been talking to my fifteen year old cousin too much-much too much...

Listen, I’ll see you in the next chapter ;)

Author's Response: Hey, Sarahjane! :D YAY FOR HUFFLEPUFF! :'D

I'm so glad you enjoyed this! ♥

In my head canon, James just knew Lily so well he guessed she would be in the library. :D But the Map works well too. ;)

I really tried to put elements of Harry in their personalities, I must admit, so I'm glad that came across haha!

I hate borrowing books. I do not like it at all. If someone tells me to read a book and offers me theirs, I refuse and buy my own. Even if I hate the book. :p It's like I have a special connection with the first time I read a book and I always want to keep the book for myself to remind myself of that ~connection~.

hehehehe I'm super immature and I generally laugh at all dirty jokes. :p And my friend and I made a list of the grossest words of the English language and 'curdle' was basically number one. :p

Thanks for the amazing review! ♥

- Kayla. :)

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