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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hi Amanda, I still canít believe that Iím actually reading this at real time!

Reading the impact of what Peter said to Celestine was really great! I had been curious to see what was going to happen to between Sirius and Celestine and I really liked what you did here. It was nice not to see Celestine but to have her reaction through others because it was unexpected and made a change from the usual way stories went.

The interaction between Sirius and Lily was interesting to watch as usual. Youíve established the friendly relationship we saw in that letter she sent to him in the books with her sensing he was serious about Celestine and you did the development up to this point really well!

The idea of the crest on the letter and what it said was really great. It definitely got me intrigued about what was going to happen at the Order though sad too because I doubt in the two chapters which are to follow weíre going to be able to suddenly jump to them leaving Hogwarts and seeing all of the actions expected there.

Peterís reaction to the letter was interesting. It makes me wonder whether his actions in the previous chapter were possibly fuelled by fear of being excluded from the Order and wanting to play his own part in the shifting political landscape. Then it does make me wonder whether that is a big motivation or not. The differing layers of complexities in this story is truly wonderful!

Regulusí perspective was interesting too. Iím still confused about what I think heís feeling towards Sirius and if Iím confused I dread to know how heís feeling. The light sarcasm about saying hi to mum and dad was great as it showed how he felt as if he had more power since meeting Voldemort and how he can now act cocky towards Sirius.

He did have gentler moments too which were lovely to read such as noting Siriusí reference to his girlfriend and how that was odd for him. Asking about Peter was really ingenious too. I imagined that Sirius might pick up on it because he is observant at times in your characterisation of him and such wonderful foreshadowing. I almost wanted it to go anti-canon and for Regulus to declare everything.

Another wonderful chapter, but Iím not sure if Iíll be around for the next because starting on the 23rd I am internet free for two weeks and limited to it for another two and half weeks due to travels. You know that Iíll no doubt love them anyway! ♥


Author's Response: Ahh, it is exciting! Kudos to you for catching up so fast, and glad you're enjoying the story so far!

Yeah, I wasn't really interested in the idea of watching Celestine rip Sirius a new one in real time. I struggled a lot with trying to figure out how to do that relationship because it seemed to go in a cliche direction at every turn. I do think that Sirius felt something for Celestine that he hadn't quite experienced before, in terms of them continuing to spend time together and enjoying one another's company, but they were just starting to figure that out and then Peter went and ruined things. I suppose we'll just have to see if they are able to make up as the story concludes.

I don't really have plans to go on and explore how the two groups develop as the war builds, no. That story is already being told by a lot of other authors and my effort here was really more about friendship and internal conflict and the unusual idea of Regulus and Lily being allies, possibly even friends. I'm glad that you're on the edge of your seat about it, though!

I think you've really got a good grasp on Peter's motivation--he's afraid and feels inadequate and doesn't feel comfortable putting all of his eggs in one basket at this point. He just seems to lack a sense of internal fortitude that his friends possess. He has been so tough to characterize because I wanted to be clear that he's not a weakling and he did do something to merit his place in Gryffindor at some point, but maybe that's changed over time and he's in a tough spot. I still don't know if I'm quite happy with him.

This chapter definitely marks an important moment for Regulus. He's slowly been turning more and more toward the Death Eaters over the past few chapters--abandoning Wilkes, giving up on his plan with Lily--and here he's starting to feel like his real brotherhood is composed of Snape and the other Slytherins (partially the reason I chose the title here). He's growing scarily comfortable with his choice--and we know he'll regret it later on.

Hah, it would be nice if Regulus just changed his mind and decided to run away with Sirius. I can't say I didn't want that to happen here. I'm also glad to hear that you like my slightly more pensive than usual take on Sirius; I didn't want to write him off as a mere prankster but really showcase his intelligence and the fact that he's got a really good heart.

Hey, you'll catch up, no worries. Enjoy your travels, and thanks for this wonderful review!


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