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Review:The spider in your vacuum hose. says:

And I knew it because I guessed absolutely everyone so that I could be sure that at least one of them was the culprit. Seriously, self, how could you not have guessed him from the start?! THIS IS RACHEL WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. Of course you couldn't resist lifting the mask and revealing it to be Snape. He is basically your signature character. You and Snape are synonymous. Someone with that darkness, that elegance, the sinister sophistication and purposefulness and arrogance from the very beginning who wrote that letter - I could just slap myself. That scene has 'billowing black robes' written all over it. IT WAS STARING ME IN THE FACE THIS WHOLE TIME AND I WAS IN DENIAL. I refused to believe you would make him the killer purely because I'm used to seeing him through the rosy glow of Beth Bridger. DARN YOU, BETH BRIDGER. YOUR LOVE FOR THIS CHARACTER TOTALLY AFFECTED MY PERCEPTIONS.

I am very satisfied about it being Snape, especially since you went out of your comfort zone a little and depicted him as an absolute psychopath. He has no conscience, and he's so mechanical, with no remorse or regret or anything - and after it all, he's still arrogant about it. Sitting there in that cell with a smirk on his face, congratulating himself. He doesn't care that the rest of his life is down the toilet. He just likes knowing there will undoubtedly be credit given to him from behind closed doors. He doesn't even need to be there to enjoy that credit. Just the assumed recognition is enough for him, and there is such emptiness and evilness in that that it gives me chills. I will never stop saying this, but no one writes the crazies like you write the crazies. ♥ Please keep writing crazies. P.S. I know it's bothered you a bit before that you're so good at writing these sort of characters, so keep in mind something I heard Rob Thomas, a singer for Matchbox Twenty, say: Someone asked him why everything he writes is so damn sad, and he responded that writing depressing songs is what purges all of that out of him so that he can be happy in all the other areas of his life.

It's not just an outlet for the writers, but for the readers, and all around pretty damn good entertainment. ♥

I am going to miss bugging you about this. You must write another mystery so that I can bother you to pieces about what is going on. One of the best things about this story is that your talent made the playing field for 'who is the murderer?' incredibly, incredibly broad. It was anyone's game. Guessing was very enjoyable.

I am still suspicious of everyone.

Author's Response: THAT IS WHY I SAID YOU HAD THE BEST CHANCE OF GUESSING. Between the fact that it was Snape and mental instability, I was sure you'd guess from day one! And that beginning section, with the elegance and the darkness... I am just laughing my butt off, all over again. I love you so much for all your theories. ♥ This is Snape in a world without Beth Bridger, my friends. It is a gloomy place, and that is why they should be together forever and ever.

I've always said that, for all the love I bear Snape (and that is quite a lot), I am not blind to his shortcomings. He was a pretty awful person in school, and even out of it, through all his double-crossing bravery... he kind of sucked. It's important to weigh both sides when you're examining him. And at the end of this story, he has certifiably cracked, no doubt about it. He absolutely does not feel guilt for what he's done, because he's so far into the mindset that he's working for a good and noble cause -- two good and noble causes, being both revenge and the furthering of the blood purity cause. What's the rest of his life, when he's already accomplished that? To him, the fact that he's essentially dead now is akin to him dying in wartime. He's fully convinced he'll go out looking like the hero.

That quote. ♥ I'll have you know I've come back and looked at this review probably fifteen times since you left it, just for that quote. You know why, and we'll leave it at that, but I am forever in your debt for that.

I definitely want to do another mystery! Please don't let me do it. Or do. I can't decide. I have lots of feels now. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME AND READING /EVERYTHING/. I am still in awe that you do.

~suspicious 5ever~

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