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Review:SilentConfession says:
Hey! So sorry how ghastly long this has taken. I was getting ready to review it days ago but then the review challenge happened in the HC and I got distracted again. Anyway, i'm here now!

Does this work as a final chapter? Absolutely. It ties a lot of things together and there is a note of finality and closure to this chapter that is just lovely. Obviously all my questions aren't answered but there are other stories (and an epilogue) that are sure to address the mysteries that still surround Brienne.

What I also liked was the fact that you brought up some of the questions and tensions here in this chapter so that we don't forget about what's going on. There is still that underlying question about her mother. What/who killed her? Why is there suddenly a necklace about that no one knows who sent? It makes me wonder about the possible answers and keeps me interested in what's still in store.

The necklace was a nice touch and it shows a lot about Brienne actually. How much she's grown in this story to actually be able to rely on her friends for support rather than to internalize everything. That's a huge step. She also seems more able to handle things as well. Stronger. Which i'm assuming she will need. I'm a little shocked that she'd wear the necklace. Especially after everything that has happened this year for her, it seemed a little foolish and reckless if she knows someone is out to kill her. Anyway perhaps she wasn't thinking or too caught up in the emotion. (on that note, it was during that part of the chapter that I felt you could have have delved into her emotions a little more. You're usually so good at getting those across but that moment felt a little staler than usual. Not bad, just I felt like it could have gone deeper. Perhaps showing us what she's feeling. How is she acting? What are her facial expressions, hand movements etc). Anyway i'm curious about who sent this and I have this forebodence about it already. I just can't imagine it getting 'lost' for a year. I don't think that owl post is that unreliable to be honest and perhaps the killer made the mother write the name before he killed her and he's (or she i suppose) was just waiting for the opportune moment to send it. Whether it was cursed or not is another question. I'm sure some deep curses that are well done could be activated by something else than the skin (like... when he saw her it would be easier to kill her because another spell would activate the necklace and he wouldn't have to be open about the murder) or could avoid detection. Or maybe it's just a scare tactic or an emotional bomb! Anyway, i'm clearly intrigued by this necklace! I just want to know what part, if any, it plays in the plot!

The flow was lovely. You did an excellent job at getting through these moments smoothly and made each moment count. Whether she was mourning her mum (i really liked the line she told Angelina about how this would always be the day her mum died. It was really moving and showed what her state of mind was) or going through exams. With that I think you expressed Brienne's state of mind quite well with the anniversary. We really got where she was and how it affects her emotionally. It was brilliant. The only thing i can suggest is perhaps make it a more show. Sometimes she gets all internalized which is great and very Brienne but sometimes i just wished that there were some outward signs of what was going on so i can have a clearer picture of these moments in my head.

This really is a great chapter. I wish i could comment on more but i feel like this review is turning into an essay. However it's a good final chapter though it still raises questions (like Paul!) it does give some closure. I loved the final moment between her and George! FINALLY! They slightly get over their awkward bumbling selves and get through to each other! Great job!

Author's Response: Hi!

Oh, I'm so glad you liked it! Haha, don't worry about having a long review, I love reviews of all kinds or lengths xD

I'm glad you liked the introduction of the necklace. I know there are a lot of possible explanations and answers to where it came from, and I'm hoping everyone reading finds that a good mystery :) Thank you!

About that, I will definetely go through and put more detail in as to her emotions in that part :) Thank you for letting me know about that!

Ooh, I wonder if you like Paul? And yay, Grienne xD Thank you so much for your wonderful review!

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