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Review:Penelope Inkwell says:
Oh. Oh wow. I want to...I feel like I should spend time and like, properly compose this review, like I would a story, just out of respect for how much work youíve clearly put into this novel. And yet, I think that if it was me, Iíd rather have the initial reaction, grammatical warts and floundering and all, so thatís what Iím going to give you.

It was PERFECT! Everything was perfect. When I saw that snippet under the chapter heading--the first sentence--and thought back to all of Beaís imaginings of a blue-awninged shop of her very own, I had a very loud inner squeal of love for the perfection of the...the circularity? Is that a thing? Well, here itís a thing--everything coming full circle.

I love that they were grown up, and how you described that process--what they looked like, how things had changed. It was, to use the obvious Harry Potter-esque term, magical. There was just an ahhh moment to it, the story breathing out this last, relieved sigh as everything finally clicked into place.

And he showed up with a cupcake and a bouquet, of course. And OF COURSE his jacket is something ostentatious, like indigo, rather than just a normal color, because heís Scorpius. It was fun to see the way they both sounded the same, but older--there was a subtle shift that just worked so well. I totally bought every bit of it.

Your descriptions are as beautiful as ever. Just lovely. Whenever I read one of your stories, Iím in love with every character. Everyone is important. Everyoneís story gets told. I just *adore* that about your work.

And, finally, I thought I would be sad if they didnít end up together in a clear and obvious way. I think that in many ways you made a bolder decision by only alluding to it, but I LOVED it. It was the perfect choice. It fits the tone of the story so well, and it ends with so much hope. Itís adorable and yet real, and itís Scorpius and Bea, and itís Happily maybe not *Ever* After, but probably Happily After, you know (that may make no sense, but I hope it makes some). I think itís saying that they still have things to work through, but it looks like they will. It looks like theyíve grown and found fulfillment. I almost think that, in their life places, if they had really gotten together back when Scorpius was leaving Hogwarts they wouldnít have had a chance, long-term. But with this, I think they will (at least Iím choosing to believe so), and I think theyíll last, and be very happy, and goofy, and tragically un-stylish but with lots of flair, and eat lots and lots of delicious cupcakes for the rest of their wonderful lives.

So, thank you so much for this story--for sharing your vision, your characters, and your wonderful writing. Itís one of the most enjoyable things Iíve read (barring no work, published or not) all year, and I love it, love it, love it. You have a true gift, and Iíve enjoyed seeing it be used to craft another wonderful story. Hereís to many more to come! (Maybe after a break--Iíd understand if you needed a break ;) ). And I hope you do write that short story collection some day--I love these characters, and Iíd be grateful for the chance to read more about them and where the go in life.

Thank you so much (yes, yet again).

Author's Response: yes! always give me the grammatical warts version, if you ever look at my responses or my reviews to friends, I've got warts growing out of the wazoo (which probably isn't very healthy).

I never imagined Bea owning a shop until I wrote it, in ch. 11. It's strange how much it's shaped her dreams, because she couldn't even fathom having the means or the maturity to do something like that before. And then suddenly, she realizes - hey, I can do this. One day. And in the end, she does c:

I've never had to write an epilogue before! I've had this epilogue in my brain for years, and it came out better than I imagined. I got to call back so many things - George, blazers, cupcakes, Scorpius' nosiness.

I knew the idea would sound bittersweet and unsatisfactory on paper - Scorpius and Bea not seeing each other for five years and finally meeting again and only hinting at a romance (again) - but I couldn't wait to show that it was - surprise! - an awfully happy ending 8D I never thought I would be a fan of open endings, but I think it's just because people don't try it enough. There's a great satisfaction in leaving things implied. Maybe it's the hope, and as you say, the hope is especially fitting for this fic. I think they'll be very happy and goofy and tragically unstylish with lots of cupcakes for a long time to come :D

Thank you so much for reading, this review made me so happy c: Reader responses like these carried me through the novel, and I loved the story even more for what it meant to other people as well as myself. Thank you thank you thank you! ♥

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