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Review:Gaiapet says:
That whole Frames interaction is beautiful. Just beautiful. Sharing that he loves Amy while also reminiscing about crazy Abigail. Speaking of which, I really like the way that Fred reveals that he and Amy love each other. Perfect. Also, YAY THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!

I keep forgetting that Fred is at the animal shelter. I like it. Can we have a one off chapter/story of Fred there? Twould be interesting. And by interesting I mean hilarious and likely to make me “aw”.

All are good questions, James.

Oh. My. God. I love that. I love how James just is suddenly realizing something that everyone else has known since day one. And during such a sweet, calm, normal, moment, too. And then his little freak out is great. He isn’t freaking out about loving her. Once it hit him he knew it and accepted it. He is freaking out about if it was the right time to say it. Shows some growth in our little Jamsie. And then Avery, of course, is just perfect.

And then it gets hot. He was having a hard time…breathing…sure…

And then it gets back into James’ comfort zone of falling down and looking like a fool.

ME! I’m perfect too. Obviously.

Ooh, Bink and Rose gossip!

Me throwing out truth bombs! I feel like Gaia feels like an older sister to Bink. I like the dynamic between the two of them.


Wait, how do you cheat at tic-tac-toe? You know, without the other person realizing it.

Smooth James. So good at covering up. You would have though he got more practice at it at Hogwarts.

I want more Amy time. She seems cool and we haven’t had enough of her yet.

I also love drunk Jack. I love the idea that he just got totally wasted and decided that a tour was the thing to do. And then leave his children in the care of an equally drunk teenager.

Then she gave Jonah seven pretend lumps of sugar and I wondered if he was going to get diabetes from this game.

- I don’t know why, but this seems like a really good example of your style of humor. Not sure why though…

“Is your hair long enough?”

-Oh god, James. You can’t just ask people if their hair is long enough when they are talking about being a princess!

Go Avery! Give him what for!

Bink was starting a dance. Everyone was following his moves.

Update: Bink had no moves.

-And this is where I laughed out loud in a silent office.

Bink my baby! When did he become my baby? Whatever, he is now. My baby! Finding something that he enjoys that he is good at! Hoping that other people like it! Waiting for approval and then acting like he doesn’t need it! BABYY!

Author's Response: Was going to save these responses until I had a bad day... that didn't take long.

Fred and Amy. There is just something so fresh about them, you know? Like he is so used to life being cut and dry. He gets what he wants and he's really casual about what he wants. but then he meets Amy and all of that changes. I love that about Freddie and his addled brains.

I really want to write a one-shot with Freddie and the animal shelter. Maybe that will be a random afternoon social media post... I'll keep you in the loop.

I think everyone really expected James to have this sort of epic declaration of love. I like how casual it is. How very "their relationship" it is. He asked her to be his girlfriend during a snog session in a shower, and I knew this couldn't be something public or whatnot. That's just now how they work. It just came to him and he said it. Very James...

Breathing was the most 12+ thing I could think of.

LOOK YOU'RE IN THIS STORY. More than I can say for Wesley at the moment... where's he gone to?

I really like the relationship that Bink and Gaia have. Like, they're fantastic. Sort of like Bink and Rose, but they lack the chemistry, which is why I agree about the sibling thing. There's much more of them to come, which is obvious in this chapter I think.

We're going to see more of Amy in this story. There are too many secondary and minor characters to see a ton of her, but she'll be around for sure.

Jack is like that guy that is responsible and then randomly lets his hair down and turns back into a 17-year-old boy.

I think that was a good example of my humor as well. And only one person was offended by it in the sense that they said something, so that's a pretty good record as well. Like I say: James' views aren't always my own.
LOL. Mean girls.

I love that that line made you laugh out loud. That's a quality line.

I feel like due to Gaia's in-story relationship with Bink, you have now grown attached to him. And someone needs to. He needs some support right now, going through this hard time.

Thank you for the amazing review! Responding to it really made this day a touch better! xoxo

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