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Review:Jchrissy says:
I shouldít be surprised that someone (two someones) beat me to the first review with how long itís taken me to get here. But that doesnít mean Iím pleased about it! *pouts*

Iím already half in love with Makaio. I love the fact that you created this huge, almost half legend half real type of man. He seems completely friendly, but the mystery you tied into his past really makes him stand out. I also love that heís the giant peace keeper, basically. Haha.

At first I was a bit annoyed at him --when I realized that heíd disturbed her chase for either the illusion of a red mop of hair or a real red mop of hair -- but after their easy walk back and the way Rose seemed to relax around him, I warmed right up. Something about the fact that they use their names on the island made me sad and happy all at once. It gives us a solid idea that this is where theyíve chosen to try and stay, and the fact that Rose wasnít okay with doing it under false identities really makes sense. Sheís Rose Weasley. She may have gave up her freedom to live in the country she was born an raised, but she doesnít have to throw away herself entirely.

Iím about to go on a huge Rose and Viktor tangent, feel free to breeze past it :P

I just donít know what Iím feeling about them right now. The very end, I felt like they were more themselves then they have been yet. His gift to her, her persistence at finding out what the look Keoni gave him, leaving the party hand in hand... it all felt so familiar. But then there were other times, like their sarcastic banter in the beginning and Rose not telling him about the incident, that I pick up on this sort of tension. Of course it makes sense for it to be there; I just feel so bad for them for having to start making a life together under these kinds of circumstances. No one can go through whatís happened to Rose and be the same girl she was last book, but I just feel so sad for the position theyíre in.

The ending so was perfectly perfect. Yep, thatís what college does for you. Teaches you to repeat the same word when you just canít find another that will suit :P Anyway, Viktor had every bit of the charm we know and love when he gave her the desk, and Roseís confusion at first felt so natural. Writing was part of her in a different world, a different life, she probably hasnít thought about it really since. But now Krum is showing her that those parts of her are still there and she can still use them and WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE THESE TWO SO PERFECT?

I loved how exhausting you made the ceremony, as well. I think something like that would be overwhelming to most, but the fact that it (assaulted was the word you used, I think) Roseís sense just stayed so true to the position youíve already created for them. She hasnít been to anything with this much noise, people, faces, colors... in so long, that I can see how you would just be reeling after.

This chapter felt very much like a dip for us before you start climbing us toward all sorts of issues, and I loved this little glimpse of something almost Ďnormalí for them. I just finished reading this chapter for the second time and I already right more.

Aww and thank you for that sweet mention ♥ though I'd like the record to show that I didn't actually do anything except poke at you constantly. I'm greedy and wanted more Rose and Krum :P!

Author's Response: Well, I'll forgive your "late" review if you forgive my even later reply!

You like Makaio? Yay!! He IS the giant peacekeeper! I see him as almost a smarter, darker Hagrid. Hagrid would do anything to protect the school that is his home, and Makaio would do the same for the island.

I wasn't sure how the name thing would go over. I knew I had to address it one way or another, and I hope this was the "right" choice. I'm trying to make the story stand on its own as much as possible and throwing in fake names seemed potentially confusing, but I also didn't want it to be like, "mah, whatever... it's totally safe to use our real names." Hopefully this also helps hint at the idea of how Rose feels like she is losing herself.

Breeze past this? No way! I'm glad you're feeling torn at this point. I definitely wanted that theme to carry over from OtE. In the first book, I wanted readers to be torn over liking them as a couple/wanting them to be together and wanting to tell Rose to run and never look back. Hopefully the tension here will be more over kind of life will make her most happy. At this point, the stress between them is the unspoken fact that Rose is simply not herself anymore and doesn't want to admit why, and Krum knows why but doesn't know what to do about it.

You get a big chuck of the credit for the ending. I probably would have pushed on to the next major event without your advice, and I think both this chapter and the next will be all the better for it!

I feel like I chickened out on the ceremony a bit. After the build-up, I probably should have actually described it, but I was getting in over my head on cultural things. I'll be happy when they are back in London -- though I've never been there either :P

Hopefully this wasn't too much of a dip. I always worry about losing forward momentum. But I did have it in my notes to use chapter three to "sell" Rose and Krum as a couple to the reader, so I'm glad a touch of normality came through.

And thank YOU for being such an awesome writing buddy! And thank you for this review!!!

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