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Review:TheHeirOfSlytherin says:
Hey, Jami! :D

I love your descriptions! It's so easy to imagine what is happening in my head when I read, which makes if creepier sometimes. But that is so cool!

I'm glad the first part is in Lucius' PoV; it's interesting to get his views on the war. That's he wants to feel what they're feeling, he can't completely. Even though he tries to justify himself, that he's happy about the mission but it's dangerous, to me that shows how easy he'll be able to lie and walk away once Voldemort is gone and why he'll be able to in the Battle of Hogwarts (well, that and Draco). This is how I see Lucius, the one who can't completely be a Death Eater, but tries out of fear. I don't know if you think the same or similar, and that's cool if not, but it's just what your writing reminded me of and I really liked reading his PoV. :D

I'm scared for this family. ;(

Every time I read Remus, I just want to hug him. It doesn't matter why happens, I just be like, "I love you!" I'll rarely let go, you have to give me a really good reason to. :P Just thinking about the change he has to go through makes me sad. I was ready to go you awesome werewolf, then I read the first of many injuries and sadness came. Poor boy!

I love that James is giving Polly a chance! Gah, you make me love them more and more! And I thought my love for them couldn't get any bigger! :P

Sirius is so sweet, looking out for Alice like that.

Damn, James for interrupting. Lily's thoughts were getting interesting. ;)

Lily wants to be a healer? I've never actually thought about that, but it just makes so much sense to me. Lily would have been an amazing healer... See the would have been? ;(

Sirius and Belle sitting in a tree... :P I love them!

And now I love them even more! Sirius was so nervous and unsure around her, but he helped her anyway and asked her about talking about it. He's just so sweet and good (and people think he goes bad? Ha! They know nothing! *squishes Sirius and pretends that Peter doesn't go bad*). And I really do not like her sister, but I'm more curious than ever to know why Belle left. I hope I'm able to catch up soon!

It's cool that there's a program for potential Aurors and that there's actually homework and stuff. And it's also cool that even though Sirius complains a bit, he's enjoying the program, despite having to work hard for it. The thought of more homework would probably put me off. :P

I felt like I was a part of their big secret when they all came up with reasons to leave. I read Lily coming up with a reason as to why his smile wasn't genuine and I wanted to giggle madly while thinking I know! Then go back to hugging Remus.

The Animagus forms!!! I was SO EXCITED to read that part. They're names, they're animal selves, it's amazing magic and their... thing. Something special for Remus. I always love reading it and I'm so glad you included it. It makes me a little sad that there is so much bad in the world that the thought of sometimes not being human comes to their mind, but understandable, I think. I've imagined them thinking that. And I loved that it was in italics, it helps to show the difference between human and animal.

Loved this chapter so much, Jami!


Author's Response: Hi again m'dear! I was just thinking how I wanted to review the next SL chapter! I have a bit of downtime in work in about an hour, yay!

I really try and get a good balance in the descriptions. Enough to get what's going on, but not enough to bore the reader. I'm so happy you liked them!

Your thoughts on Lucius absolutely mirror mine. I think he wants what being a DE brings (respect, safety, others fearing him, getting to look down on Muggles) but I don't think he's nearly as devoted as his sister-in-law and has no issues turning a blind eye and lying through his teeth to save his skin, his family and his reputation.

Remus definitely deserves all your hugs ♥ And I'm excited you liked James giving Polly a chance! I really had fun writing that section, haha!

Belle's story is, oddly, one that sort of popped up even before I really began working on this. Everything about her is one of the few story lines I had completely set in stone from the start, and I'm so anxious to see what you think of her past when that comes out!!

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, but that program and a certain few students who end up in it soon is how I was able to justify tweaking with Alice and Frank's ages a bit. Not that we were ever given a canon age for them, but they were well known aurors by the time they died so I figured they'd get an early start.

Of course none of that has come up yet and I'm giving stuff away, so I'll just shut myself up about that :P!

I KNEW you'd like the Animagus part!! I'm so excited you did!! I really wanted a set way for them to switch back and forth. The idea of having to *want* to be an animal, having to force your body to dislike being a human so much that it switched, then having to do the opposite for turning into a human and having to think about how much they love their human life, made sense to me and totally just stuck! You'll sort of see through this that I have love making up reasons behind certain canon magic. I probably get a bit carried away sometimes. Well, most of the time :P!!

THANK YOU so much for another awesome review! You're so perceptive and pick up on so many things, that replying to them is such an awesome treat!

♥ Jami

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