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Review:Arithmancy_Wiz says:
I'll apologize upfront that this review will probably be rather short and not very eloquent. I usually make notes while I read but since I read this while standing in line at the cable office... I'll make up for it on the next one, I promise!

Minister of the Mudbloods Great line, and I really think it sums up just how much these guys don't get it. Anyone who doesn't value the same thing we do is a threat to us. Sadly, it reminds me just a bit too much of real-life political arguments.

I know the time frame of the story, obviously, but I didn't really put it together how soon after book seven all this really is until the boys start talking about Death Eaters still being out there and unaccounted for. It seems anytime you study real life wars in school or whatnot, we are taught to memorize set dates, as if wars always have clear beginnings and ends. Of course the mess Voldemort and his Death Eaters made isn't going to be cleaned up in a matter of months, maybe not even years. Even in the news today, you read about some former warlord being captured after thirty years on the run. Anyway, the point of the ramble is that I really like that element of the story and thought it came through really well in this first scene.

And I'm wondering who this old DE might be...

It was as much a sign of spring as the bloody robins and crocuses. Priceless!

I really wasn't expecting an Astoria/Narcissa moment, but this was great. There are some wonderful parallels between the two characters -- at least the potential for parallel. If Astoria runs off with Draco, she may be facing a hard road ahead and will have to make tough decisions regarding her family, something Narcissa has faced as well. Narcissa is a great character in that she believes in the superiority of pureblood families, and I have no doubt she enjoys being wealthy (and once respected), but she doesn't value these things above all else. She puts her family ahead of both of these things, as well as her own life. Astoria has that same strength of character, putting love about doing what is proper or desired of her by her family.

Another great chapter. Sorry my review isn't of equal caliber this time around, and it's way too hard to do typos on an iphone. Can't wait to read more soon.

Good luck finishing up chapter 11!

Author's Response: Aww, no apologies necessary! The mere fact that you would be standing in line at the cable company and think, "hey, I could be reading Detox right now" makes me all kinds of happy.

Draco's former housemates don't get it at all. They were never anywhere near Voldemort during the war, nor did they ever have to risk their lives. It's all just a game to them, and they have no idea that they're playing with fire. They will find out, though...

I'm glad that it isn't just me who thinks of the "end" of the war that way. I really have a hard time getting into post-war stories were the sun came up on the morning Voldemort died and everything was kittens and rainbows from that moment on. I'm certain that lots of Death Eaters escaped after the battle, and even the ones that were captured right away had to be tried. The magical world was in shambles, untold numbers of people -- muggle and magical -- had been injured and killed, lots of muggle-borns were still in hiding... I'm sure it took months if not years to restore some semblance of normality to life.

It's a tricky thing, and not altogether pleasant, to be writing and have to decide, "what would Jeremy Gamp think about this?" He's not all there, but like a lot of crazy people, he has these rare moments of clarity. The truth of the matter, I think, is that Voldemort *wasn't* a particularly good dark lord. He underestimated his enemies again and again. He never attempted to account for variables that he didn't understand. If a task couldn't be accomplished through brute force savagery or the manipulation of fools -- I think Harry counts as a fool on more than one occasion -- he really struggled with it. On top of it all, he had the worst luck imaginable. I mean, come on, Severus Snape is your most trusted servant. Why not have him brew a pint of Felix Felicis every day and eat it with your corn flakes?

I really enjoyed writing the scene with Astoria and Narcissa. When I was working out the chapter outline, I wasn't sure about it. It felt pretty fluffy to me. Plus, Narcissa has this bad tendency to be a scene stealer in my stories. I agree 100% that Narcissa is a fascinating character. I think of her as this alternative mother figure in the books. She's not a self-sacrificing mother like Lily Potter or Molly Weasley, but in the end she doesn't love her family any less.

I enjoyed your review thoroughly, no matter the length. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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