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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hi Amanda! I ended up falling asleep before midnight, but Iím going to try and squeeze another one in before the House Cup starts! Also just checking your AP you are on a roll with writing. I still need to read that Andromeda one-shot of yours and now youíve got another/ in the process of writing it!

I thought the careers meeting was written well. Again, you wrote Slughorn brilliantly and got the right amount of flattery and concern in his characterisation so it was really great to read. I thought Regulusí confusion in this chapter was also written brilliantly. I was almost worried that he was going to come out and say that he wanted to be a Death Eater, but then again he still is so young he might still be doubting that path.

Regulusí reaction to him being told he could be an Auror was brilliant. It was as if he finally realised what a different path he was about to take and how it was going to change him drastically. I felt bad for poor old Slughorn who kept on proffering all these different options at him for Regulus to say no. I donít think they ever mentioned whether he stayed on or not at Hogwarts so it will be curious to see what happens next year.

I had been wondering what was going to happen in regards to Wilkes, and I really liked the section with him in it. Wilkes seems like a genuinely nice person and the way he waited for Regulus really touched my heart. He seemed to have this belief that they actually could be friends again with the suggestion of quidditch but I knew and Regulus seemed to know too, that they their paths were too fractured now to be friends like they used to.

The Order training was really interesting, and it was nice to see Lily and James together in a different setting as opposed to friends. I canít wait to see how this story line progresses because even through their firing of spells it got me eager to see them put it into action. Iím not sure where this story ends but it would be interesting to see what would happen if Sirius, Lily, Snape and Regulus met when they were meant to be fighting one another as it would have an interesting dynamic.

Then the ending was really great. Iím curious to see the interaction between Lily and Snape and whatís so important about it she has to lie to James. I found the progression of their relationship great, as itís evolved into something more comfortable but they donít yet fully trust one another and I found that to be realistic.

Another excellent chapter, Amanda ♥


Author's Response: Hah, thanks! I have been writing a lot now that it's summer and I'm hoping to finish up both of my novels before school starts up yet again. I've decided to put my next one-shot on hold until August because I'm busy working on a story for the House Cup, but I'm very excited about it and I'll be interested to see what you think when I get it written :)

I don't think it would have gone over very well if Regulus had told Slughorn he was contemplating becoming a Death Eater, you know? :) But yeah, Regulus has been so busy with Voldemort that he hasn't really thought about how he will practically sustain himself in terms of employment and a "daytime life." I don't really have plans to take this story into next year, but my head canon would be that he did stay in school, not being the type to disappoint his parents by dropping out early. Unfortunately, we know what happened to him.

I think of the thing with Wilkes as being a lot like what happened between Harry and Ron in fourth year. Harry was obviously broken up about not having his close friend by his side all of a sudden, but Regulus is just too far gone to really muster up emotions about it, which is sad to think about. You'd think he'd care more about giving up his oldest friend.

Again, I don't think I'm going to take this story that far, but it is interesting to picture, isn't it? They're getting ready to take one another on without even really realizing it, working right under one another's noses.

Well, I think it's less that there's something specific Lily wants to hide from James and more like she knows in general he wouldn't be comfortable with her hanging out with Severus again--and I'm sure Severus wouldn't like her getting closer to James now, either. Lily's starting to feel the tension and realizing that maybe it won't be so easy to just keep both of them in her life after all.

Thanks for your lovely review, Kiana!


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