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Review:SilentConfession says:
Ah! Jami! What can I even say about this? This is a really powerful story and the perspective you chose to write it in is absolutely perfect.

The beginning bit was really well written and you got across Tully's emotions of disgust so vividly that I felt it myself. Images of acidic vile, the million cries for mercy, hopeless faces. It really brings across the horrors that were happening in just this one family home. It makes me think that if this was happening in this one place than the carnage that were outside the walls were so much worse. So even though you were writing very specifically here I got a bigger sense of what was happening in the world, weirdly enough.

I love how you chose Tully to tell the story. It was was a lovely choice to make to really see through the eyes of an elf. It made me really sad though to see the progression of her thoughts. How she used to love her master but then he got cruel and those feelings were slowly chased away. It made it really seem like it was a hell that poor Tully was having to live through each day. Also the fact that the destruction was happening all around her and she couldn't do much about it. It takes a really special elf to break the rules of their master (like Dobby did sort of though there were things he couldn't say even) and to see how it ended for her, although inevitable, made me massively sad. Obviously I wanted her to just go but I think it was a lot better you did it the way you did. You gave her a hopeless situation and she died in an equally hopeless situation. That has a more impact than if she had some grand exit.

There was also this disturbing theme of death throughout the whole thing and tied your story even with the slaughter of the Bones' family (?? I'm assuming anyway). It was all really well tied together and I like how you sneaked in that little canon detail in there. It helps ground your story and makes it that more believable.

I also love that you snuck James and Sirius in there! *swoons* I love how you've written them, Sirius with his dark humour and James' sarcasm. It mixed really well together and I liked how you mixed some of their plans with Tully's own commentary of how she knew they wouldn't get free. It just made it all seem more chilling and dark. Also, it is exactly how i'd see them act in that situation and humour is a way that some people use to disassociate themselves from the current situation.

The ending as i've mentioned before is great! It really ties the whole story together I think and makes this story really special. It just reminds me of the theme that being good won't always get you out alive. Really lovely job at writing this Jami and i'm so pleased that you entered the challenge so I had a chance to read this! Thank you! :)

Author's Response: Hi Zayne ♥

When I saw your challenge I really wanted to join with something that wasn't any of the 'big' first war tragedies. I've always wanted to make myself write something dark without using the dark canon facts, like Lily and James's death or Alice and Frank's or Peter's betrayal. Whenever I think of writing horror those always come to mind, so I was super excited to try and write something that involved first war horror but not as much in my comfort zone.

Ahhh I'm so happy you liked Tully! The idea of showing something terrible through the eyes of someone who had no choice but to experience it totally drew me in. Naming Tully was a pain, though. I always have trouble naming house-elves :P!

I wanted to give her a happy ending too :(! But it didn't seem realistic. Dobby is actually who I used for a point of reference trying to figure out how MUCH elves could disobey. And it just didn't seem like Tully would be able to break the bonds that easily when Dobby couldn't even tell Harry exactly what was dangerous. I'm so excited that you understood why I gave her the ending I did, because I felt kind of mean for it, haha!

Yes! This ties in with the slaughter of the Bone's family! I'm super excited you picked that up. That's the best part about other Marauders writers, they pick up on the small canon details most people don't :P

Hahah I couldn't resist getting those two in there, could I?! :P I'm so excited you liked them in it! I'm just excited about everything you're saying in general, and you're making me feel too happy and fuzzy ♥

I'm so, so happy you liked this and thank you so much for holding the challenge! It was a lot of fun, well, sad fun... to write and I loved the challenge of trying to come up with something!

♥ Jami

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