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Review:patronus_charm says:
Iím back again! I told you I was determined plus youíre giving me your first unborn child, so itís fine. Though you probably shouldnít be too liberal about giving it away :P And this chapter was just amazing!

I really liked the idea of Moody almost setting up a training camp for the Marauders in this chapter as it was really interesting to read. I really liked seeing how all the different parts of the Order worked together to produce the best of them with the help from Emmeline and Mundungus as itís quite different to the Death Eaters which have a set hierarchy.

Your characterisation of Moody was brilliant! He was exactly the gruff old man I imagined him to be and it was a real delight to read him! I loved Remus, Sirius and Peterís reaction to Moody once he left, I did feel a bit bad for poor old James facing the brunt of it but I suppose with someone like Moody you can never really anticipate what theyíre going to be up to next.

I liked how Celestine didnít want to join the Order because I donít think I would have had enough courage to join so it created a truer reflection of people in that time. I also liked how you made Lily a little reluctant about joining it as it makes sense considering she knows nothing about it. Thank you so much for providing lots of James/Lily fuzzy moments at the end of the scene, they were really lovely ♥

It seems as if Snape and Lily are finally becoming friends again with him wanting to study with her. I have a feeling with what happened at the end of the chapter that something big is going to come along and change it all so Iím going to be constantly on guard. You also made the details about the study group really interesting too, and I was somehow riveted by them and I donít really know why.

I liked how you made the differences between Wilkes and Regulus clear right from the beginning. I think it was due to Regulus gaining recognition from the already established members of the Death Eaters such as Lucius and Bellatrix and that obviously gave him more influence over them. Then the way Snape placed the blame onto Wilkes when it was really Regulusí fault for turning up late. All those subtle things really added to the scene and made it full of suspense about what was going to happen.

This chapter was full of so many horror-inducing moments though I think the biggest one has to be when Voldemort ordered Wilkes to kill the man. The way you wrote Voldemort was brilliant and you had all of mannerisms down really well and it really added to the scene. Iím glad that Voldemort didnít make him go through with it, though what happened to him instead was almost as horrible.

Regulus really changed in this chapter with him using crucio willingly and then leaving Wilkes behind at the end. Though I hated seeing the change it made sense as heís finally been given a place and obviously if Voldemort regards you highly you must feel a certain sense of power which he abused. That last scene was written brilliantly and blew me away.

Another fantastic chapter, Amanda ♥


Author's Response: I think you make an interesting point about the Order working together, and I think that's probably what helped them stay strong through both wars despite the losses they experienced. As we saw in the final battle, the Death Eaters got quite scattered when Voldemort wasn't there to unify them, and with him there they were too competitive.

Whereas Slughorn is my guilty pleasure character to write on Regulus's side, I think Moody is my guilty pleasure character on Lily's side. He's just so cantankerous and funny and yet really, truly intimidating.

Hey, I'm all about balance, and it made sense to me that not everyone who heard about the Order would be amped about joining in. It was important to me that, as you pointed out, even people who were confident about joining felt a sense of reluctance during the process. You'll see that again in future chapters, too. Oh, and you're welcome! I figured people would like those, and there are more to come. I'm still not totally comfortable with writing them, not like I am with the Snape/Lily friendship scenes, but I like to think they're okay.

Yeah, Regulus is sort of already on the VIP list thanks to his family loyalty and the fact that Sirius's figurative inheritance (and likely literal inheritance) has kind of passed to him so that he carries the pressure of the Black family. In addition, though, I think he comes across as slightly more confident and less impulsive than Wilkes, and maybe the others see that.

Hah, great! Voldemort can be tough but I hope I've done okay with him in the limited appearances he's made so far. I did like seeing Regulus take ownership of himself and seize his independence at the end, even if it wasn't in a good way. He's largely been a follower up until this point and he's starting to see his potential--for better or for worse.

Thank you for your fantastic review! As promised in my A/N, I'll be by to leave you a "thank you" review sometime very soon.


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