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Review:patronus_charm says:
Woo 90th review! Well, hopefully unless someone else posts while Iím writing this!

Ah this line ĎHe knew Beth was one of the Secret-Keepers, too,í itís probably been mentioned before that she is one but me being me I probably overlooked it. I wonder what sort of implications that will have on canon and Peter. Iím still secretly hoping this is going to go AU and James and Lily will live and this will be a declogy (is that a word?) instead of a trilogy.

I got really excited about the chapter title because, like Remus said, they havenít really been altogether for ages and it was really nice to see them like that again, while until Peter went all weird but you know what I mean! Iím actually really glad this was from Remusí perspective because heís the most perceptive out of all of them and it added a certain element to this story which wouldnít have been there if it was from someone elseís.

Everything was so perfect at the beginning I almost should have known something was going to go badly. There was James joking around and Peter eating tons and it made me feel all happy and fuzzy because I know how moments like this one are getting fewer and fewer. I liked the mention of Jamesí quidditch fanatics as it makes you wonder whether he would have become a player if the war wasnít taking place.

Then from the moment Remus realised not everything was right with Sirius it brought on this tense air and that not everything was right. I liked the inclusion of that, because I really agree with what your authorís note said and how there must have been signs that something was wrong with Sirius even if it was because he was suspicious of Remus.

Iím so glad that the memory retrieval is back on the cards! Even though Snape may be a little angry about it at first I can imagine he would get over it soon and I can go back to have lots of Sneth moments. I have to say the plan does sound like it could work and the idea of the imprinting charm is a really cool one.

The sudden change in dynamic of the group with Peterís objection to it was really well written. I was sitting there on tenterhooks knowing there was probably going to be an explosion of some sort but dreading what it could be. I think the one thing which I really liked in that scene was Peter objecting to be called by his nickname itís like heís trying to distance himself from the others so it will hurt him less when he betrays them.

I really liked the ending scene and itís nice to see that heís still feeling twinges of guilt towards what heís doing. The storyís really getting into the final parts of the Marauder years and even though itís horrible to think whatís going to happen itís still really exciting! Another amazing chapter Rachel and have fun at camp! ♥


Author's Response: Thank you for this ninetieth review! ♥ It's been such a nice round number since I last posted, and round numbers always make me happy. And you know, I would have loved making this a decology (I guess that's the word for ten?) instead of a trilogy, even if I feel the story wrapped up at the end of the third book anyway. I could, and still might, write loads more about Beth and Snape and what happens to them in the canon HP years.

I'm kind of frustrated this was the last chapter I posted before skipping a week, because it wasn't very focused on Beth or Snape, but you're right: We really haven't seen them together like this in a while, and I do think it was necessary, because although this is a Severus/OC story I am trying to make it about many other elements as well, including the Marauder friendship. Remus has been absent, too (although that's actually for a reason you'll see later), and so even though this meeting sort of dissolved into tension, I'm glad he sort of got his moment in the spotlight. Of course, though, I couldn't leave a warm, happy moment just as it was!

The memory retrieval is definitely still a live possibility for James and Beth and Sirius -- Sirius almost more than anyone, except possibly Beth, because even though he's still not fond of Snape, he feels a bit bad that he's essentially the reason Beth's so depressed right now.

We're really getting toward the end of the Marauder years now, and I've just realized how close we are to the end of the story, too. I'm already done, I suppose, but it's nice that I've still been able to post chapters and answer reviews and all that sort of thing. Man, I don't know what's going to happen when I don't have that option anymore. :D

Thank you again for your review!! ♥ I honestly can't say it enough, even though I can only imagine you're sick of hearing it, because I say it on a weekly basis. I can't wait to post the next chapter for you, too!

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