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Review:TheHeirOfSlytherin says:
Hey, Jami!!!

Bellatrix - terrifying in every situation you put her in. Even when she's not doing anything, just sitting there. Even when she's scared, I'm a little scared! I love it! :D She just has this... way about her. You write her really well!

The entire scene from her PoV, feeling her fear over her failure, had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what Voldemort would do. And it's to persuade James?! She can stay away from him! *hugs him close*

If I was a character in this, I couldn't get out of that room fast enough. Voldemort is every bit the monster we see in HP, I want to hate him and be scared of him at the same time. Though if he hurts Reggie, I'll... *shakes fist* (So, I love James and I love Reggie and I love Remus... and they all have one thing in common... ;().

The way Voldemort gives warnings, with the burns, that's something I've never considered before. It's a really great idea, a perfect way of getting followers to stay in line!

I don't think I've ever read Bellatrix actually sobbing before - finally, human emotion! :P Her reaction, her loyalty, to Voldemort was just brilliant. Seriously, I could just see it happening. That was awesome!

I love Sirius and, way back when he was their friend, Peter. They're just so sweet, getting things for Lily and Sirius being concerned for Peter and his parents... And the way you described Sirius in that opening paragraph definitely made me swoon. ;)

How can anyone not get a hangover after what she did? Lily Evans - super drinker! :P

I will always love the relationship between James and Sirius, they're definitely as close as brothers and I love that they consider themselves brothers. But... "No. You’re my brother.” - Oh Reggie... I so do not have a tear in my eye... *wipes it away quickly*

He just has such a sad story, not as sad as Remus', but it's got to be up there - to be sucked then, then try to get out and no one knows he dies trying to do good until, like, 18 years later. I hate that I know he takes the Mark, Sirius should have dragged him, kicking and screaming if he had to. *nods* :P

The only think I can say about Alrek is that I look forward to reading more of him. I want to know more before I decide if I like him or not, though I hope I like him. I just get suspicious of everyone in Marauder Era... :P

Oh, no! The Severus memory. ;( I just want to shake my head in disappointment every time I think of it.

Oh, so she's not immune! I'm both glad and disappointed. I may have to take her title away. ;)

McGonagall, match-making? Interesting... :P

I loved Albus' words about finding beauty in destruction - to fall in love, get married, have a baby and live a life together, however brief, while in war? They certainly do as he says now.

And, yes, Prospects is a very creative, very awesome term. :D

Amazing chapter, Jami! :D


Author's Response: Hi lovely Sam ♥

I'm so happy you like Bellatrix! And thank you so much for the compliments ♥

Thanks for the review!

JUST JOKING. Haha! Sorry, it's midnight.

Yes! Hug James tightly! Keep Bellatrix away from him -- you just try-- mwahah.

Voldemort is still really challenging to me, so I'm super excited that you liked him. Well, as much as you can. HAHA. I know, the poor boys ;(

Yay! Sirius made you swoon! I feel like he should be able to do that to anyone, but I guess not everyone loves the bad boy with a heart of gold as much as we do ;).

It's hard for me to really decide who I think has the most sad story. Regulus and James and Lily are almost lucky, because they all died too young to really see everything fall apart. Sirius had to spend most of his life in prison for two murders he would have done anything to save, most likely blaming himself anyway for suggesting Peter. Then Remus finally gets happiness and that all is ripped away... ugh. It's all too sad :(

Alrek is a very important character in this. Keep your eye on him ;)

Hahah nope, I couldn't let Lily get away with her consumption without a nice, awful head ache. She has to learn her lesson somehow ;).

I'm so excited you liked this chapter, and can't tell you how much I love your reviews ♥ they're such an awesome treat!

Thank you!! ♥

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