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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hi Sarah, Iím so bad and read this chapter when it was posted and Iíve only got round to reviewing it now! Oh well, being here counts for something I guess :P I cannot tell you how pleased I am when I saw you updated as every time I read this story it always give me warm, fuzzy feelings ♥

Your description in this chapter was amazing, as usual! I really liked the scene you painted in the Auror offices as it had a really homely air to it and it gave me warm and fuzzy feelings to see that Ron had a picture of him and Hermione. I think itís just so nice to see that things have begun to settle down since the war has ended.

I really liked learning about the aftermath of Harryís visit to the Dursleyís as that that chapter really did bring tears to my eyes. Iím kind of glad that Harry is going because itís nice to see that he and Dudley are close for him to do that for him and then it will bring closure, like Hermione, said for what his uncle did to him.

You write Ron and Hermione so well! I think the scene when Ronís leading her to the lift and out into the Atrium was just really adorable. It matched how we saw them in the books and I always envisaged them like that as a couple. There were still a lot of mentions towards Hermione being Ronís girlfriend though so itís got me intrigued as to whether heís going to propose anytime soon.

On a minor note, Iím glad that Hermione can still floo as I never got why pregnant wouldnít be able to, as it seems quite safe to me.

The idea of there being a magical maternity ward was great. I always find it really interesting to see how each author handles maternity care and I really liked this idea. I felt so bad for them when that woman started talking to them, as this was there special moment and it was being taken away. If I ever meet a celebrity Iíll try and be more considerate towards them!

AH! Itís Astoria! I thought she might pop up due to Greengrass being called out on the name list and then when she appeared it made me really happy. I have a theory though! She and Hermione become friends and Rose and Scorpius grow up together and this will turn into a spin off Scorose! If thatís true, I wouldnít be complaining!

I liked how the appointment actually felt like an appointment with all the questions Tanya asked Hermione. I didnít even get bored throughout and I actually found it fascinating. Merlin, that sounds sad, but I guess seeing how much the war was still effecting Hermione was really interesting. Ronís reactions to everything in that scene were brilliant!

I canít decide whether the house elf couple visiting the maternity hospital was funnier than or not Ron asking that question. Even I knew the answer to Ronís question and I havenít been pregnant and donít planning on being anytime soon! I guess thatís just Ron though.

Another brilliant chapter ♥


Author's Response: Hi Kiana,

Sorry it's taken a little while to respond to this review - I'm in the middle of exam stress! I'm really grateful that you take the time to read my writing, so receiving a review is a massive bonus! So never feel bad about taking a while... I'm dreadful, myself.

The thing about Harry and Ron's cubicle in the Auror office is very much what I'm aiming for with this whole story - I want to create a sense of life going on, and that it's not all angst.

I think you (and Hermione!) are right about Vernon's funeral and closure... we'll have to see how Harry feels in later chapters ;)

Thank you so much for your comment on Ron and Hermione. I love writing them, and it means a lot that you feel I'm doing okay at that! Well... we'll have to wait and see whether little Rose is born out of wedlock or not, hahaha!

It was certainly very interesting and challenging, trying to think up the maternity system for the wizarding world! What I'm showing here is just the tip of the iceberg, really. I'm a student midwife myself, so I'm all about the maternity care :P

YAY ASTORIA! Well, that's quite the little plot idea you've got there... I kind of love it, haha. We'll see. Maybe you should write it! (That said, I love Scorose... maybe *I'll* write it)

Honestly, I'm delighted that you didn't get bored... I was really concerned, as an appointment's hardly the most thrilling thing in the world! Of course, it's special to Hermione and Ron, as they've been looking forward to it etc, but it's not exactly the stuff exciting chapters are made of... so, phew!

Oh, Ronald. One thing I've learned is never assume what other people know or don't know - they will sometimes come out with the oddest or most simplest of questions! Ron may have been around pregnancy a lot, but I get the feeling he doesn't take too much interest in the 'intimate' lives of those around him. Mainly out of embarrassment, and being more concerned with his own... uh. bedtime routine.

Thanks again, so very much, for continuing to read 'The Blossoming'. ♥

Sarah x

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