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Review:"Anaconda? Could you eat a newspaper for me plz?" says:
I am legitimately mad at Mad-Eye. Order members are dying left, right, and center, and he's still got Beth benched on the sidelines. THEY NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK. HER MOTIVES AREN'T COMPROMISED NEARLY AS MUCH AS HIS are! At this point he's just being prejudiced because she used to be friendly with Snape! Ugh!


Oh my god, did Moody seriously just threaten Black that he would be taken off missions next BECAUSE HE WAS STANDING UP FOR BETH?! I DON'T CARE HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE CLAWED AT THIS MAN'S FACE, I AM BEGINNING TO HATE HIM. Since when is it a crime to stand up for a friend? Sirius is speaking the truth. I don't like how Moody is dictating things. The Order is all about democracy. It's about fighting for what's right. And Moody is being a word that is not 12+ for abusing his authority in a really unfair way. I want Beth to pull her wand out and turn him into a snail. He has been allowed to punish Beth for his own personal prejudices - against a man who is also working for the Order, no less, as a double agent. I know it's dangerous for Beth to be anywhere around Severus because then Severus's cover will be blown, but this is Beth's job, damn it, and she's good at it. She made a small, one-time mistake. HOW ABOUT YOU THROW SOME MORE STONES AT GLASS HOUSES, MOODY.

That was the most intense exchanging of eyeball-gazes that I have ever witnessed. I feel like I have to take a breath before I can go on.

UGH, MOODY. HATE YOU. (I can see his point but still.) Gloating little bunion.

-mutters darkly to self-

Part of me wonders if Sirius is vouching for Beth more than anyone else because he's guilty for initially spilling the beans. No one would have known if Sirius hadn't told, so he's kind of over-correcting. He truly believes in her, though, and I bet he really misses having her around for mission work. Ugh! Moody!

Eee! I can feel a definitive turning point. The chapter's title put that sense in motion, and now I think Beth has reached the point where she absolutely, positively, cannot go on as she has been going on, as everyone has been forcing her to go on. I've been picturing - and this might sound like an odd mental image - Beth as this person in the middle of a sea of people, walking down a road. They're all wearing black, she she blends in. But as the camera pans away (seeing this in an aerial view), she shrinks smaller and smaller, being shouldered roughly about by other people who just want her to go the right way without any resistance. And now she's just a tiny speck. Anyway, odd metaphorical alone-in-a-sea-of-people aside, I am very proud of Beth for defying the rules and going after Severus's memories. To hell with Moody. Moody's got his priorities and Beth has hers. If he doesn't trust her enough to let her work a meaningful job, then he really doesn't deserve to have his opinions respected and obeyed. Beth is a grown woman! She can do what she wants!

And she wants Severus!

-fist punching the air all over the place-


I hide a name -- can you guess whose?
Carefully read all the time-labored clues:
Celestial objects, of one am I,
The sun, the stars, one more in the sky.
To a man, I a woman gives,
A riddle of riddles if anything is.
The last clue, a measurement, not of time or of weight,
Better than most, worse than some, a middling rate.
And now that we've come to the end of my game,
Put it together and what is my name?

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