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Review:800 words of heaven says:

I feel like after that statement, there should be some sort of dramatic sound in the background... like a big band, at least.

This is seriously mean of me, but I love watching people be uncomfortable about heat! I'm from Australia, so heat isn't such a big deal for me, especially because I don't burn, but I have a red-headed friend, and she suffers the exact same in the heat as poor Rose! Oh, how I understand how uncomfortable she is, yet still laugh at her despite that!

I've never really thought about the fact that Harry Potter might not be famous elsewhere. It should be pretty obvious that he wouldn't be, considering Voldemort wasn't exactly aiming for world domination, but just the domination of the British Isles... or maybe he was, but he was taking it one step at a time? Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked! I'm interested to see Rose's interactions with a community where she isn't well-known. I haven't actually seen her interact in a community that does know her well - what we saw of her life in the previous chapter was restricted to her friends, who should treat her normally because that's part of the job description, and her boss, who is, well, her boss. But perhaps being away from the Potter-Weasley clan and the pressures associated with it, she might get some perspective. But excuse my musings; on with the review!

Ooh! Does Dalila have a secret? Or is she just super shy? My first impression of her was that she was shy, but the way she's acting now has me thinking that maybe there's something else going on...

I like the way you're describing Cairo and Egypt so far. It has the feeling of a documentary on the Discovery Channel, or an article you'd read in National Geographic. I think it adds to Rose's reporter vibe, and kind of gives the reader the sense that mystery and adventure are just around the corner.

I liked meeting Scorpius! I don't know much about him yet, but he seems like a pretty chill bloke. Hope to see more of him later! And Rose is... shy? Awkward? Not comfortable with confrontations, like with the chandelier shop owner, and nervous around people she hasn't seen in a while, like Scorpius? What's her deal? I guess she's not fitting into my image of what a driven person who had to grow up in a large and rowdy family would be like, I suppose. Looking forward to learning more about her!

Awesome chapter! Expect me back for chapter three in the near future!

PS: Kofta is delicious! I have no idea why I felt like saying that, but I reckon Rose will enjoy the dish!

Author's Response: Woo you're back! I'll just have to imagine a big band in my head or something to make up for it!

Haha, that is mean of you! You don't know how horrible it is for us Brits when temperatures begin to get over 30 degrees. It makes us act like the world's ending or something crazy like that!

I never really thought about it either, but it seemed to make sense to include it here as it would make Rose more comfortable with Dalila. I always compared Voldemort to Hitler so he may have been trying to take over the world but just aiming for Britain first. I guess we'll never really know. You'll see her interact more with people she does know as Scorpius appears more and more and someone else she knows well will pop up in chapter four! I liked reading your musings they were really interesting, and you are right she does feel a certain level of restriction due to being a Potter-Weasley but hopefully this trip will help her change.

Bahahaha! Everyone seems to think that Dalila has a secret and I don't know why, as I didn't intentionally make her like that. Sorry to disappoint but she's just shy!

Ooh it's like that? Thank you that's really cool as I really like National Geographic so it's a big compliment! The mystery and adventure should appear in chapter trois!

I'm glad that you liked meeting Scorpius and you will get to know more about him as it will be from his perspective from time to time so that should help :) Yeah I think Rose is just shy and she's still dealing with the pressures of coming from a famous family but she should become more and more confident throughout!

Thank you for another awesome review and I can't wait to hear what you think of the rest of it!

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