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Review:800 words of heaven says:

So it's been a /really/ long time since I read something of yours, and I was casually browsing through your page when my eyes snag on one word: Sirius. Cue embarrassing fan girl moment.

Okay, so the first couple of paragraphs are amazing. Often, I think, we forget that Sirius was just a teenager when he left home, and whilst what he did was brave and everything, he was still, you know, young, and I think that reflects really well in your writing. I can literally hear the petulance and righteous anger in his internal voice, and it really makes him sound like he's sventeen years old. From his word choice to his actions, they all speak of his youth.

I thought it was rather mature of Sirius to make the decision not to go to the Potters in his state of mind. I think it showed a certain depth of character to him that is often not as prevalent. And I adored the fact that it was Remus' voice in his head telling him not to do something as stupid as have a duel with his parents. To me, both of these things showed the positive influence of his friends, and how they're almost saving him from what he could have become if he was left to his own devices.

The song keeps on making me think that Sirius is just going to pull his Wayfarers or Aviators out of the pocket of his grungy leather jacket, and go ride his bike down some lonely, dusty highway, into the red setting sun, with rock music playing in the background. Usually, I'm a bit sceptical of song fics, but I think with this one, you've used it really effectively, so it doesn't mess with the flow of the story, and adds a lot to its overall tone. The lyrics are almost part of the story itself, which is really clever!

The description with the motorcycle was really cool! It was expressive, as well as emotive. The way you described the bike felt like it was the personification of Sirius; almost an extension, or an inanimate embodiment of his personality.

Oh, how I love the way you describe the Blacks! There's something darkly humorous about it, whilst still being scornful and derisive. It tells me a lot about Sirius' personality. He's probably a very sarcastic person, with a dry sense of humour!

It's wonderful to see that you've shown Sirius being sympathetic to Regulus, and feeling sorry and disappointed. Often, Sirius is portrayed as outright hating his brother, but here, he seems to have a more balanced view of him, and can see some of the reasons why he's the way he is.

The way Sirius describes the driver of the Jag showed another side of his character. He sounds hypocritical here, and we know that's the case in canon, and I just adore the way you've written it so much!

"Maybe I should start following football." I laughed so hard that I just woke up my dog from the other room! He's just trotted in and is watching me trying to catch my breath. I have no idea why I find this so funny, but it is!

Ah! I loved this so much! It was amusing, and deep, and full of teenage angst! So good! I can completely imagine Sirius acting this way, and thinking these things! Your writing was so quintessentially him, yet there were aspects of his personality that were brought to light which aren't often focussed on, and it was a pleasure to read! Thanks for the amazingness!

Author's Response: Yay! All of the sudden, people are loving on my poor, awkward little song fic. I couldn't be happier, actually. Something about the combination of Sirius and Judas Priest really spoke to me.

I'm glad you picked up on what I tried to do with Sirius. All of the Marauders were so young during the first war, it's kind of ridiculous that people write them as though they're a bunch of 30-year-olds. Sirius, in particular, has a ton of issues because of his family background. The Blacks were, perchance, the worst family in all the magical world to grow up in.

Young and hot-headed as he is, I do imagine that there are certain lessons that Sirius had learned often enough -- the hard way -- that they would have made an impact even when he was completely livid. Upsetting Lily would have been the shortest path to upsetting James, which is the last thing in the world he needs when he's already an emotional wreck. Remus was a fun "voice of reason" to use because it also allowed Sirius to harsh on him a bit, which is always entertaining to me.

I never even considered the possibility that Sirius would have some awesome shades, but now that you mention it, that would have been pretty sweet. I'm glad you liked how the song fit into the story. That's almost always the thing that turns me off to song fics.

When it comes to Marauders stories, I can go either way on Sirius's relationship with Regulus. He had plenty of reasons to hate his brother and plenty of reasons to pity him. Either way, though, I imagine he carries some amount of guilt over how things turned out.

The driver of the Jag was pure fun for me. He was the kind of uppity, self-important, annoying, tweedy old barfmat who you just want to put in his place. And so Sirius does, even though it is a bit hypocritical of him. I enjoyed the football crack a lot, myself. It's a beautiful game, but the fans have earned a rather dubious reputation for behavior.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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