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Review:TheHeirOfSlytherin says:
Hey, Jami!!!

I loved the introduction of the potions, learning bits about the magical world, especially from a Muggleborn's perspective. I don't know why, but it just seems... cooler somehow. Like, I think a Pureblood would go 'it does this and this', but a Muggleborn is more interested in it all because they didn't grow up in this world their whole life. I don't know, I just thought it was cool to start the chapter with Lily reading about the potions. :D

Ah, the Wolfsbane potion! When I saw the bit about her thinking Greyback could be the only one on the continent, I was telling the screen, "you know one!!!" Then I wanted Remus to be there, so I could hug him! :P

The blood potion sounds terrifying!

I loved the conversation between James and Lily, his excitement and her smiling had me excited and smiling! And the party is totally not against the rules if there's adequate supervision... McGonnagal is more than capable! ;)

Sirius being so animated about his Auror classes was so sweet. I just wanted to hug him, too. In fact, I just want to hug them all. A group hug with the Marauders, it's heaven!

I like Belle and I'm curious as to what her secrets is and I hope it's not really bad or really sad. She's a good friend. And I can't wait to see more of this chemistry between her and Sirius.

The memory about Lily and her family was so sweet and so sad and I'm so glad Remus was there to help her. And, gah! The 'little boy' story. Oh, Remus. Counting down the hours till the full moon. His story is heartbreaking. ;(

The Prospects - such a fitting name; they sounds like pieces of meat or objects to be owned, which, I suppose, they are. They belong to Voldemort. I only wish Regulus got out sooner and without dying (he is my favorite person, next to the Marauders). ;(

Aww, Severus. It only takes one mistake. Just imagine what would have happened if he hadn't called her a Mudblood... Where would they be?

And Bellatrix - wild-eyed woman along with the terrifying looks are the most accurate descriptions for her before you know what she's like. Then the descriptions get... scarier. :P

Ah, Lily! Don't drink all the Firewhiskey. Bad things happen!!!

It's fun to see them both jealous... over the other! She likes him, happy days! :D

I'm curious about the Alrek guy. I look forward to knowing more about him.

Ahh, and the bad thing happened. But at least she was outside and hidden from view before she was sick.

I loved this chapter so much! And I'm very excited to read more, so look out for those, Jami! :D


Author's Response: Hi Sam ♥!!

I know what you mean about Muggleborns. it seems like they appreciate magic more, wanting to understand it in a way that purebloods probably don't. And I'm so happy you liked reading about the potions! I had SO much fun coming up with the blood one. I love mixing medical with magic, and sometimes I get a little carried away :P!

Ugh that party is one of the cliches that I couldn't help but fall into :P. I hoped having McGonagall there would ease the blow, haha.

Belle is one of my favorite characters to play with, I think because of how much she reminds me of Sirius. Her full story comes out in chapter...13 :D. I think. The one called 'Revelations.'

I'm so happy you liked the memory about Lily and her family, and Remus's story about the 'little boy.' Poor guy had to deal with so much :(. They all did :(.

Alrek definitely becomes an important part... *tries to not spill secrets* haha.

I'm so happy you liked this chapter! The next one is when I things, I think, actually start picking up a bit. It's the first look into Death Eater side of things :D!

Thank you so much for this awesome review, Sam ♥! I'm so excited that you liked this chapter!

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