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Review:Pheonix Potioneer says:
I liked the chapter title. :)

When Ramsus and Rose were talking about how fascinating America is, that greatly amused me, since I'm from America. I feel exactly the same way about Britain and the rest of Europe, since I've never been there.

Rose and Ramsus do have a point, though, America has a ton of different influences. I have no clue how it is over in Ireland, but here you can find people of many different races, and food originating from many different ethnics. Almost everybody has mixed blood as well. I'm part German, English, Scottish, Dutch, Polish, Irish, and Swedish.

The sorting hat's song is very interesting. It lists the virtues of each house, but then reminds you that other virtues are important as well. I like this song, actually.

Oh boy, Felicities in Ravenclaw. I'm going to try and reserve judgement on Felicity now, though, since Felicity hasn't done anything yet.

I'm actually not to surprised that Dora knew Felicity. Their families seem very similar.
I loved what Harry said about each teacher. It was very moving, actually, and I'm glad that Harry mentioned about Remus's lycanthopy.

Poor Blackburn must have been so embarrassed.

Goodness, does Rose want to get in trouble or something? I mean, I understand why she hates Dora, and I do as well, but I thought Ravenclaw was known for thinking things through and not making rash decisions.

Great chapter! It's disappointing that the House Cup will occur when you are busy. :(

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the chapter title. It was going to be "Commemorating the Dead", but that didn't seem quite right, so I changed it slightly.

Ha, ha, Ireland is just the opposite. In about the last 10 or 15 years, we've had some immigration all right, but before that, we'd a distinct lack of variety when it came to culture. Actually, multiculturalism might not seem as exciting to an English preteen as it did to me growing up, but Hogwarts does seem very typically British, so the variety of types of magic an American magic school would probably teach might seem fascinating to them.

Also glad you like the sorting hat song. Thanks for commenting on that. It's the first time I wrote a full one. I wrote a few lines of one once or twice before, then added on something like "x was so nervous (s)he couldn't concentrate on the rest of the song" because they are HARD to write, but this one came to me at like midnight one night. The computer was switched off at that stage and I didn't want to switch it on again, 'cause if I did, I'd start looking stuff up and wouldn't get to sleep, so I wrote it out with a pencil in my planning notebook. *laughs*

I wasn't actually sure where to place Felicity, so I stuck her in Ravenclaw so my characters would have more chance to interact with her, even though she's a year younger and wouldn't be in any of their classes.

Oh, believe me, there's going to be plenty more embarrassment and worse for Blackburn before this story is out. Torturing her is kind of fun actually. I have to have somebody in a story to torment.

Ha, ha, Rose has Hermione's thing about causes combined with Ron's rashness, so not exactly always a good combination. My Rose and Albus seem to be the other way around from a lot of people's, in that Rose is the one more inclined to rush in, whereas Albus is more cautious.

It's mainly because Rose has a lot in common with Hermione - her intelligence (although she isn't quite as smart as Hermione, because who is?), her commitment to causes, her bossiness and certainty she's right - so I wanted to show differences between them too. So she's not as rule-abiding or as cautious.

And she tends to be fairly protective of those she cares about, particularly Albus and Hugo, as Hugo is her baby brother and Albus is sort of shy and doesn't always stick up for himself. Dora targeted Albus and Rose isn't too willing to forgive that. Nor is she too willing to forgive her for trying to blackmail Blackburn because Rose kind of feels responsible for that because she chose to use the Transfiguration room for it.

And yeah, I probably won't see too much of the House Cup. I'll call in here and there, but not going to have too much free time.

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