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Review:marauder5 says:
Okay, so I feel like if this story had been called The Boy from Ravenclaw instead, I still would have loved it! Terry's POV was absolutely great: please tell me you might try it out again??

I think that if I would have known Terry in real life, I would have been a little bit in love with him too. He's just so amazing and kind and GOOD! Okay, don't worry, I won't waste this review on obsessing over how wonderful of a character he is - let's talk about the actual chapter too.

As for Bentley Wickham, I'm sure something happened to his family. It must be something like that. When Terry thought about Anthoney's secret, I figured he must be the Muggleborn that Taurus goes out with, but then Demetria called him a 'blood traitor' rather than a 'mudblood', so I guess he's not a Muggleborn after all. And then it hit me that maybe Wickham is Taurus' secret boyfriend, and so they targeted his family? Well, it's sort of farfetched. But I do think that Wickham's family has been attacked, because it reminds a bit of how they take Hannah Abbot from class to tell her that her mother has died.

I do have something to point out about the Charms class. Aren't the students divided, so that for example Ravenclaw might have their class with Gryffindor, and then Hufflepuff with Slytherin? Would they really be together, all of them? I don't think so, but I might be wrong.

I loved the little detail of Terry thinking that both he and Hermione chose Muggle Studies because it's a reminder of their childhood and their families back home. It was so sweet, and definitely believable :)

And then Terry was just being wonderful again and visited Professor Burbage and offered her support. It's horrible tings like Burbage's friend dying that reminds both Terry and me as a reader that there are still such horrible things going on out there. With Margaret Macauley's death, I wonder who will take care of the subsription of her magazines. Will Tor's subscription be revealed to the wrong people? I hope not.

What happened with the first years was so terrible! I really thought that the little boy was dead, and I was preparing to feel sad and (even more) angry with the Slytherins, but then Madame Pomfrey was able to save him. Thank God. and Thank God for Anthony and Terry being so amazing in that moment.

I feel so bad for Tor, though. I'm glad that the professors seem to believe her, but I wonder what her housemates will do to her now. After all, she tried to stop them, and she betrayed Demetria. I'm not sure if covering for the others will make up for it. :( And then Demetria had to go and reveal that Tor's father is a Death Eater! Poor Terry! My guess is that now he'll take Padma's offer and go out with what's-her-name again, and Tor will be ALL alone (at least, she will be if her friends don't forgive her).

And now Anthony knows about them, doesn't he? But he won't tell anyone. At least it was Terry's friends who found out and not Tor's - imagine if they'd find out about that after what she did to them... Well, things are not looking good. Which is not very surprising - I think that their relationship was doomed from the beginning. But I still keep my fingers crossed for them.

I'm also wondering why Terry still needs Polyjuice Potion. He's done with his prank now, isn't he?

Oh man, this story is just too good to be true! It has grown to become my absolute favourite fan fiction ever!! :D I'll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hola! :)

I'll admit I was so excited to hear what you thought of this chapter and of Terry's POV! You always have such thoughtful observations and reactions to the story, and knowing you loved it is high praise indeed! :)

I definitely think I'll be trying out Terry's POV again, I loved writing him! He's so witty, but also such a good guy, and I think I'd love him too were he real! I liked getting to know him and his understanding of Hogwarts beyond Tor in this chapter, and have lots of other ideas for what he gets up to!

Ah, I love your predictions! Poor Bentley, of course something bad has happened and it is a very good guess that it has something to do with Voldy!

That's a good point about Charms class, I'll have to double-check! I thought in NEWTs all the sixth years were in one class, since I thought in the Potions class all four Houses were together, but could be wrong! :)

I'm glad you liked the Muggle Studies part, and Terry's connection with Hermione. Harry and his friends don't make appearances very often in this story, but I loved giving Hermione some time in the spotlight, I feel like she and Terry would get along. I know, poor Macauley and poor Burbage! :( It's just the horrible events coming in to infiltrate Hogwarts and Terry and Tor's lives, and is so sad.

I considered having him die, but figured it wouldn't fit with canon since a student death would have been widely known. It was very awful of the Slytherins, though most of them will get off thanks to Tor's silence and the idea that it was an "accident" gone terribly wrong.

Yes, things are starting to look bleak for Tor, and for her and Terry! :( This whole post-holidays section is so dramatic and I feel terrible for putting these characters through these things! I have my fingers crossed too! :)

Thank you for your amazing review! :) You're the best! Aw, your favourite fan fiction, that makes me SO happy! Thank you thank you thank you! :D

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