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Review:marauder5 says:
Okay, so this was the perfect way to continue to the story for many reasons. Since we didn't really learn much about Veirty's background in Chapter 1, I think that was my favourite part about this chapter. I really like the fact that her father married a Muggle, and that he wasn't evil just because he had a shop in Knockturn Alley! Also, Borgin doesn't seem bad either - he's like a nice old uncle to Verity, isn't he? I think I like him (at least so far). The story of her parents was very good, and the fact that Mrs Burke stayed out of Knockturn Alley after her husband's death was believable, and also made the story of Verity claiming her share of the shop much more interesting, because we got to see it through her eyes for the first time. The small details of it all really brings it to life - like the fact that Borgin stops her from touching the necklace that Malfoy will give Katie Bell later on. How very JKRish of you (yes, I'll pretend that is an adjective), because one of the brilliant things about her writing is how she includes little details about what will turn out to become a really important object further on in the story (like how Harry notices the lost diadem in the Room of Requirements in HPB, but doesn't really reflect over it until he's trying to find it in DH). I love that sort of things ;)

And then George popped into the shop and just made me fall in love with this chapter! Next to Ron and Ginny, he is one of my favourite characters, and you, my dear, have portrayed him perfectly. I might has well have been reading the original HP books when I read the conversation between the two of them. So yes, you're going to do just fine in writing a story about him ;) Well, actually, you'll do it brilliantly, as always.

It was quite a nice detail that she didn't recognize him at first, which I think says a lot about her. After all, most people, older or younger than them, would know the Weasley twins' faces, as they definitely attract attention wherever they go at Hogwarts. But I guess Verity wasn't interested in their pranks when she went to Hogwarts, which makes her friendship with Percy's girlfriend much more believable. Also, she's the girl who'll work at their shop later on, right? That means that she'll probably change a bit after hanging out with the twins, and that she'll stop working at Borgin & Burkes? I wonder what will happen - maybe it will be too risky for her, because her mum is a Muggle? I don't know..

One detail that really stood out to me was Fred not being able to come, because he'd been testing their product - and George saying that he'd only been making bullfrog sounds for the last couple of days. Haha, the idea of it was so funny, and so typical for their inventions that we see them testing out while still at Hogwarts. I loved it! :D

And oh, I wonder who else died... my first thought was Sebastian. Maybe someone is out to get Verity? But that would just be so cruel to the poor girl! Of course, cruelty is becoming ordinary at those times in Wizarding UK, isn't it? Whoever the victim is, I can't wait to find out in the next chapter. I also really want to know who's behind it. And of course, I look forward to more interaction between George and Verity!

This chapter was absolutely amazing, and I have a feeling that I'm going to love this story as much as I love The Girl From Slytherin soon :D

Author's Response: You are just so wonderful for leaving this brilliant review! It made my day, I just keep re-reading it! :)

I'm so glad you like how the story is progressing, and enjoyed the backstory into Verity. I loved imagining her background and parents' history: her father is such an interesting character to me, and I loved the idea of him marrying a Muggle, even just to show how he wasn't prejudiced and give Verity a diverse background. Haha, I'm so pleased you liked the foreshadowing and little details, like the necklace! Also, I really like Borgin too, at least so far. He shows a very different side to Verity than to prestigious customers like the Malfoys.

I'm so glad you liked George! I love writing him, he's just so funny and quirky and had such a fun vibe with Verity. Thank you for your amazing compliments on his portrayal, that makes me so thrilled! :D

Yes, I thought that since she was older his face wouldn't immediately ring a bell, plus it gives them a little more of a clean slate. I think Verity would have recognized the twins together, just George as an individual is still a little mysterious. I'm glad you're making guesses about the future, there's certainly a lot which will happen and affect Verity and everyone around her.

You'll find out in the next chapter, which should hopefully be posted soon! :) Thank you for your brilliant words, I really appreciate all your encouragement and support and I'm so excited that you're enjoying both stories! Thank you for being awesome! :D

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