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Review:patronus_charm says:
Ok when I saw the chapter title I was sorely tempted to skip to the end to find out why he would want a broomstick, but I managed to stick it out for the entire chapter and Iím glad I did :D

You lulled me into a false sense of security! There I was thinking how lovely it was that Lily and Ellery were talking as we havenít seen much interaction between the pair of them recently when Ellery goes and drops that bombshell. I liked the bombshell in a way as it was a great depiction of the war., Lily didnít know about it which shows what a regular occurrence itís becoming as not every case is publicised and the frightening atmosphere they live in.

I really liked the inclusion of Christmas carols especially if Santa had a broomstick as I donít often see wizarding traditions of Christmas so it was a nice touch and made me smile!

Ok so whatís going on with Ellery love life? Iím guessing sheís not too keen on Peter judging from the way she didnít agree to go with him. Though I liked how you phrased it nicely as it doesnít always happen to him. Then there was small glance from Remus when the NEWT revision books were mentioned and it got me wondering. Does Remus like her or was it just an innocent? I have a feeling you wonít tell me, but itís worth a shot!

I liked how you showed their different of what this outing was with where they wanted to go. It was nice and subtle and Siriusí reaction did make me laugh :P Iím wondering what happened to Remusí wallet now. I have a feeling that something big is related to it considering thereís Death Eaters roaming around but I have a feeling you wonít tell me.

The Celestine/Sirius story always makes me laugh. Celestine really doesnít have any qualms about letting anyone know how much she likes Sirius and that light humour adds a lot to the story. I think the best part in this chapter was her looking at his chest. Then this line from Sirius was brilliant ĎďI think she wants to marry me and have my babies. The whole thing makes me a bit nervous.ĒĎ itís like heís actually contemplated it all!

I liked the mysterious air the note had too, and itís making me wonder what got him so agitated about the date. I suppose itís because Regulus wants Lily to be with Snape but I canít help wonder if thereís more to it than that. This chapter really made me wonder and I love chapters like that!


Author's Response: Hah, glad you like the title I chose :)

Yeah, I think Ellery is a good friend and is just concerned about Lily's safety. I would imagine her to have been one of the first to pull Lily aside and check in with her once it began apparent that Severus was potentially dangerous. Anyway, I don't really have a potential match in mind for her. It felt a little cliche to pair up all of Lily's friends, and even Celestine has her part to play in the plot to come, but I didn't feel that it was unrealistic for boys to take a slight liking to Ellery. You may ship her with whomever you choose :)

I don't see a lot of wizarding Christmas traditions either, so I decided to make up some of my own. The carols were challenging but they were the part that was the most fun. I also figured that at least some of the Hogwarts teachers would try to pull Christmas into the classroom and make lessons fun.

Actually, Remus's story about the wallet was sort of a red herring. He just doesn't have a lot and doesn't want his friends paying for him every time they go into town. He's too embarrassed to be honest, especially with the girls present. Sorry if that wasn't quite clear.

Yeah, I like writing Sirius and Celestine together. They're a little cliche but, as you mentioned, they provide some humor and levity to the story when it's really needed. You'll have to stay tuned to see if their relationship blooms into something more or if they don't manage to stay together after all.

I'm happy to hear that you're curious about the next chapter and I'll be looking forward to seeing what you think. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your fabulous review! :)


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