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Review:Courtney says:
Thanks for the response. My review was probably too harsh on Al. Itís fairly normal to like people for a long time, even if they arenít available, but to me it did come off as if he was obsessive about Alice; but if thatís not the case, then I am glad and hope heíll be able to move on to a healthy relationship with someone else. I felt that he was kind of using his girl friends and didnít really consider their feelings as he first kissed Tatum just because he was upset about Alice and then kissed her again to keep the guy away when it was obviously an extreme way to deal with the situation and while on a date with someone else who he was acting like he really liked. And it sounds like he dated Emma knowing that she had much stronger feelings for him, but at least he ended it rather than continuing to lead her on. Itís interesting that you say he canít find someone else as he seems really into this Sienna girl, unless that was exaggerated from Tatumís perspective. And, like you said, I guess Tatum is similar in pining after James for so long. Itís probably true that they both use it a little as an excuse because itís safe to pine after someone unavailable as you donít have to take actual risks in a relationship. Tatum definitely seems to have problems being in a mature, honest and healthy relationship. Iím intrigued that you say he wants something that most girls wonít take part it, as it definitely makes it seem like something weird or creepy; but Iíll keep my mind open til we find out what it is. I just hope that Tatum doesnít end up pining after Al for too long as there has already been too much of that in this story already. I hope that both Tatum and Al can move forward without hurting each other too badly and find courage to be honest and vulnerable. Thanks for sharing your writing and Iím looking forward to seeing how things progress.

Author's Response: Were Al's kisses really a result of him being upset because of Alice and annoyed because of that guy? Or was there something more there, which he himself wasn't aware at the beginning? I wrote him with the second option in mind, which will be explained further into the story.
As for Emma, he didn't really want to be with her in a romantic relationship, but she insisted so stubbornly until he caved. It was short lived, because he realized that he would truly hurt her feelings more if they continued. Emma didn't understand that and left him, angry. Which is understandable, but then again-all that Al had for her were good intentions. Considering her heartbreak, Emma coudln't see that.
Yes! Everything and I mean everything is quite exaggarated through Tatum's point of view. Even Al's "relationship" with Sienna. Tatum is a rather dramatic person, of which I've written a lot in this story, and she sometimes doesn't see things as they are but much worse. Actually, she does that more often than just sometimes. That's just who Tatum is-a slightly pesimistic person prone to dark thoughts.
Al's inaility to stay with Sienna or any other girl is tied to that "something" I mentioned prior. Trust me, it's nothing creepy. :D Most girls are just not ready for that and it's understandable, which puts Al in an unenviable postioned where his love life is concerned, because he himself is ready. Ok, I think I gave too much away and you'll probably figure out what I'm talking about soon enough. Oh, well. XD
As for Tatum and your hope she won't pine after Al much longer... I think you're taking this story a bit too seriously, because concerning both Tatum and Al's personalities, they are bound to be many bumps. Especially with Tatum's constant exaggarations and Al's fear he'll cross permited lines with her (Remember, she asked him to be strictly friends with her.). They are tons of people out there that take too long to get together, because they just don't communicate with each other in the right way, fearing they'll lose what they already have and end up hurting themselves and others. I say this because I plan to take Tatum's insecurities and play with them in the next couple of chapters in a humurous, outageous way even. I hope you don't turn your back to my story because of that, since it's supposed to be ridiculous and a joke on all the time pepole lose overthinking things. My story is mostly light, with a dash of drama here and there, so I hope you can take it like that-not too seriously. That will certainly allow you to enjoy it more. :)

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