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Review:Commander Froyo Geraldine McNugget says:
Harry tried copying his mother, and blew a rather impressive raspberry, not even slightly affecting the candle flame. Why do you have to make him so darn cute?!?! I can't take it. Wee Harry is so adorable.

Oh my goodness, I can perfectly imagine wee bewildered Harry. Everyone's laughing at his every move and he's all goggle-eyed, with his frosting hands and his wobbly head, staring around like "What is going on? These people are lunatics." And then he just doesn't have the time to think too much about it because there is ~cake~ and he needs to make sure some of it gets on Beth's clothes. Fact: any outfit can be improved with chocolate.

Is Bathilda Bagshot giving Beth baby advice. Snoorrrt.

You know, I just realized something. The magical world must have really, really slow developments. Bathilda was kind of batty there towards the end, so she wouldn't have been in any condition to write textbooks. But a ton of Harry's schoolbooks were written by her. You gotta figure a lot of those are several years old, with potentially outdated information. Or maybe not. The magical world is so archaic that they seem to pretty much know everything there is to know already. And...after you pointed out exactly how old Bathilda must be, since her GREAT-NEPHEW was friends with DUMBLEDORE, who is about a MILLION years old...Okay. Even figuring the numbers young, there is a distinct possibility she had a pet dinosaur as a child. So in Deathly Hallows, she was, like, 160. I digress.

Still so cool that Beth is sitting here chatting with Bathilda Bagshot.

Baww, the cat! You know, I've always had the head canon, and I meant to write about it someday, that their cat was Mrs. Norris; it was a kitten when Harry was born and so the cat was only a year old when Lily and James died. Then I picture Filch hobbling down the street one day, all lonely, and this dirty, malnourished cat streaks past so he takes it home and gives it love and eventually turns it semi-evil. OR MAYBE IT WAS CROOKSHANKS AND THAT'S WHY HE ALWAYS TRUSTED SIRIUS.

I keep digressing.

I love how Harry decides how he feels based on James's emotions. Mimicking him when James sees the broomstick and laughs. ♥ That's very accurate for babies! I love how much attention you pay to detail.

James is just as adorable as Harry. Look at how excited he is to get his kid on a broom! I'm so happy he got to see his son fly, because he'll miss out on all the flying Harry will do as a Seeker later in life. Confession: Reading about Harry flying for the first time, surrounded by his loved ones, with Beth helping, made my eyes a wee bit wet.

A beautiful canon moment that feels like it jumped right out of the books, every single word of it. I really, really needed this happy event.

Happy birthday, Harry! (P.S. Yer a wizard!)

Author's Response: Trufax: The first two paragraphs of this review made me tear up. AND I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHY, SO THERE'S THAT. But he is just so small and adorable, and the weight of the world isn't on his shoulders yet, and somehow that hits home when you analyze my story even though when I was writing it I didn't even think about it, and now I'm just sort of a puddle over here in my chair. I demand that you fix this.

Okay, and YES, because when I was writing this chapter it took me a million years to sort out how Bathilda was connected to Grindelwald, and then I realized how old she must be and I was basically blown away. I know that magic extends lifespans (I think that's canon, unless I read that in a fic somewhere), but it's really no wonder she was dead by the time Harry found her in DH. Lady was old as anything. (And she totally is giving Beth baby advice. Because Beth will find that useful. :3)

Headcanon accepted! That would be the weirdest thing ever, oh my goodness -- Mrs. Norris as the Potters' cat. And then she trails Harry around the school not because she thinks he's up to trouble, but because he just smells like a place she knew once, and she wants to know what, but all the students hate her and she can never get close enough. I have more feels now. Write this story. ♥

I am beyond pleased that Harry actually seems like a baby in this! Mostly because you have raised a baby into a toddler, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've held a baby in the past five years. :)

Oh, no, you can't cry, because you've already made me cry and now I have MORE feels. This response has probably been less than useless to you. I don't think I've said a single nice/helpful thing in here. It's mostly just me rambling about. Please make me shut up.


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