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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Hi! I'm here to review your story at last! :D

This... was... really awesome!! I've only ever read a Charlie/OC, so I was wondering how Charlie/Rita was going to work, but now you've kept me guessing! I want to know how that will come to pass!

But anyways, enough of that talk.

The beginning of the story really set the scene for me. From that wild car ride, I got Lottie's general personality and her frustration when things don't quite go the right way. I was a little confused when Charlie randomly appeared, but once he was introduced, the story really picked up steam. His gruff attitude towards Lottie was funny and I can see it becoming the catalyst for a lot of very funny arguments in the future. :)

My only question is this: Charlie stopped Lottie from levitating her bags because the Muggle village was a short ways away, but he seemed to mention dragons freely around the Muggle driver. Did the Muggle driver know about dragons already, or was he just not around to hear that part of the conversation? I would like just a little clarification on that point, but it's no major deal. :)

So it seems that Lottie's going to have a rough time being the new girl! I'm very glad that Charlie explained the icy greetings that she'll be getting, because from that, I picked up so much more about her personality and his as well. She obviously cares about saving the dragons rather than using them for commercial purposes, and that's a cause that's really near to his heart, clearly, since he hasn't retired yet! I hope that, even though they're at odds right now, they'll come to some sort of understanding, but for now, it will be fun to watch how she's going to get back at him for being kind of rude. :)

I know that she hasn't come into the story yet, but how is Rita going to act? Will she be the same gossipy cow, and if so, will she change when she meets Charlie? Or will she have calmed down her witchy act after the war and actually begin to write less-offensive pieces? (I think that this would make her more compatible with Charlie--as far as I'm concerned, he's kind of a single guy, and I just don't know of anyone who would love Rita!)

But that's your job--you're the author here!! Convince me of their compatibility, and I will declare you the Ruler of the Charita ship! Honestly, I hope that you get the next chapter up very soon, because this is looking as if it'll be a really cool story. I can't wait to meet Rita Skeeter in all of her journalistic glory, if you couldn't already tell. :)

Wonderful-tabulous chapter!! Please re-request when the next chapter is up! (Or if you have a different story, you can request for that one, too.) ;)


Author's Response: Hi! I've only ever read a Charlie/OC before, and I was astonished to discover that no-one had shipped Charlie/Rita until I did! He was at Hogwarts for the first trial of the Tournament, and so was she, and there are a lot of broom closets in the castle...

But anyways, enough of that talk. ;)

Heh, I'm glad you like the introduction! I deliberated several ways to begin this story, and then I decided: why not make it dramatic? And let's be honest, there aren't many more dramatic scenarios than almost dying by being driven off a cliff :P

That is an excellent point, thank you for bringing that up! I didn't notice that, despite re-reading the chapter several times, but I'll probably edit and work in a mention that the Muggle driver is related to a Muggle-born witch or wizard, hence he's aware of the dragons' existence (perhaps I'll have his relative work at the reserve...) Regardless, I'll find a way to fix that plothole :)

Yes, the dragon reserve employees don't like new girls :P Although Lottie has a lot in common with them, her heritage and the previous dragonologists they've encountered will make relations difficult at first. But definitely, it will be fun (I hope!) to see how things progress!

Oooh, questions! The whole Charita romance happens in 1994 (since Charlie's in a coma in 2021, as mentioned in the summary) and Rita does have a different side to her... you'll just have to wait and see what happens ;)

CHARITA ♥ and sorry the next chapter isn't up yet, it will be. SOON. VERY SOON :D


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