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Review:patronus_charm says:
Iím so bad at catching up; I am determined to be caught up by the next update!

I really liked the start of the chapter. You lulled me into a false sense of security because I just thought this was going to be a normal chapter, but then when Sirius appeared and started accosting Snape I knew I was wrong. I liked how you showed that Sirius can be just as bad as Snape in the way he was antagonising him. I like Sirius, but this flaw of his has always bothered me because not many people put enough emphasis on it, but luckily you did.

The part when Sirius told Snape about Remusí mother left me all confused. Obviously, I know whatís going to happen and Iíve never seen Snape led there before like that and I liked the originality of it. Then there was the bit about how Snape felt bad for Remusí mother and wanted to help her. Snapeís one of those people who I donít think is honest to even himself so it did make me wonder whether this action was purely selfless or not.

The scene when James and Peter looked at the map was really well done too. I liked how you started it off as light-hearted as it echoed lulling us into a false sense of security like at the beginning. It was also nice to see an update on the Sirius/Celestine front too. Then the realisation of Jamesí when he looked at the map was really good. I mean, I knew what he would see but I still felt this shock when he realised it too. It was as if he was consumed by this pure horror.

The arrival of Lily wasnít something I was expecting but I really liked it. I liked Lilyís disbelief towards Snapeís revelation. Iíve seen different accounts of whether she knows or doesnít know and I really liked it here. This line was really great ĎďRemus?Ē Lily felt something cold overtake her heart. ďHeís a werewolf?ĒĎ the cold thing which overtook her heart showed what an impact it had on her and it was nice to see she was just cool about it.

Snape really chilled me in the last scene. Iím guessing the line Ďfor enemiesí is in reference to sectumsempra. Iím currently very worried about how heís going to use it, Iím guessing Sirius is most likely going to face the brunt of it. The scene also chilled me because though he still wants to be friends with Lily thereís almost this transformation with the mocking voice he used and how he spoke of her friends with disdain. The developments on that front are really intriguing me and I canít wait to see if they do end up friends again.

That was another really great chapter, Amanda. Iím looking forward to reading on!


Author's Response: I'm sure you will be caught up! Please, take your time--you leave me such lovely and thought-provoking reviews that it's actually nice to have a little time to consider each of them :)

I do want to show that some of what Snape received from Sirius wasn't Snape's fault, but I want to make sure I don't go overboard in my continual effort to show multiple facets of Snape, so please tell me if I ever go overboard with Sirius's less attractive traits. I do like Sirius and I think he's wonderful to write because there's just so much there.

I think that Snape was lured in by Sirius's mention of Remus's mother in part because in my head canon Snape and his mother were relatively close, both of them having been ostensibly victimized by his father. Obviously there is a darker motive here in terms of winning Lily's affection and figuring out what is going on with Remus, but I think there could have been something resembling good intentions lurking under the surface, too. Snape is complex and so is this decision.

James, I think, feels a certain sense of responsibility over his friends and probably saw the worst happening when he saw Severus's dot rushing toward were!Remus. That sense of duty is something I really, truly like about him.

In my mind, Lily was blindsided here. She's hurt that no one would have trusted her enough to tell her about Remus's secret, especially with it being so dangerous, and yet she doesn't know Severus well enough anymore to know if he's just messing with her. It would be a tough position to be in and I'm sure she felt very bewildered and had to just handle the situation the best she could.

Yes, you're correct--in this story, the werewolf incident and James's heroism sparked the creation of the deadly Sectumsempra curse. It's just another example of how ill-equipped Severus is in handling conflict--probably partly a result from the modeling he received as a child. He thinks that becoming a powerful wizard and making up his own curses and just blasting James out of his way will win Lily, but of course he's sorely mistaken about that.

Thanks for your sweet review, Kiana :)


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