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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey Katie, and wow this was a good chapter! Though I do think you may have the boost it to a novella if itís already at 10K two chapters in :P

Ok I feel bad at laughing about how Victoire find out that she was pregnant. Admittedly, I thought she may have not been pregnant yet so I didnít feel too bad about laughing, and I felt so bad for that poor girl who suggested it. Then when it clicked in her head about the periods I began to feel for her! I thought you showed her reaction well, and I can imagine I would probably react in the same way if I find out I was pregnant at that age (hopefully I wonít have to find out if it will be true or not :P).

On a more minor note I liked the fact that the shop sold both muggle and magical medicine as it shows that the society has moved on since the war. Even though it was only a little suspense, you built it up well with the potions being out of stock so Victoire had to resort to muggle means. I liked the interactions with the shop keeper too, as it added a more humane element to this moment of the story.

The suspense was built up really again for the is she/isnít she pregnant scene. I think what really added to what was the grim settings of the toilets. It sort of showed how bad her predicament was if it meant she had to frequent this places. Ah the point doesnít really make sense, but I hope you get the gist of it!

Oh the irony of Victoire having a go at Lily for already having a boyfriend. I couldnít help but laugh at this. Iím not very good at tense moments so the more I laugh the more tense it is, so by the amount Iíve laughed so far, youíre doing a good job, Katie!

The flashbacks with Molly were the ones which really broke my heart. Iím so used to Arthur being the dead on in next gen stories this twist certainly surprised me. The first one was adorable and I liked seeing how her and Fleur were good enough friends now to discuss Gabrielleís problems. Then the second one is the one which made me tear up. I think it was just the last line, like I had sense it was going to happen I just didnít want to admit it. It was really well written, Katie ♥

I liked the big reveal scene about Victoire being pregnant too and I thought it was done really well. We didnít get to see too much of Teddyís reaction due to Fleur bursting into the room so it will be interesting to see more about what he thinks. Fleur was superb though and the French really added to the story. I hope that she warms to the idea of it, because in my head canon Fleurís a lot nicer than most people think, but I guess Iíll have to wait and see.

The ending was really beautiful, Katie, and it was a really wonderful chapter. I canít wait for the next ♥


Author's Response: OMG Kiana, yes! It's a novella now, and OH MY GOD IS IT A LONG NOVELLA. This is officially the in the top three longest one-shots of all time :P

Ah thank you! I feel like I keep saying this a lot, but I really want to keep J17 as realistic as possible, so for you to say that you'd probably react like that if you were pregnant at 17 (although hopefully that won't happen :P) is excellent to hear! ♥

Yes, I wanted to depict how things have changed since Harry's time, and also I was struggling to come up with a magical pregnancy test that would fit well into the HP-verse, so I decided to use a Muggle pregnancy test to confirm Victoire's pregnancy. And awww, thank you! I liked the shopkeeper too :)

Ohmygosh, yes. It makes sense to me, don't worry!

Victoire being upset about Lily's boyfriend is because she hasn't told Harry and Ginny about him. I think it's her maternal instincts coming through, because she's kind of "what if it was /my/ daughter keeping secrets from me?" even though at that point, she was keeping her pregnancy quiet from Fleur, so hi hypocrisy :P

I CRIED WRITING MOLLY. Well, the first flashback was fine, because it was a nice foundation for Molly and Victoire's relationship, but the second... agh. ;( Thank you, I'm honoured you thought it was well-written ♥

E YES. That was so fun to write, yet emotionally draining because my emotions were all over the place like Victoire's. Fleur certainly does have bad timing, doesn't she? :P Yep, she is a great mother and incredibly nice - remember how panicked she was when she couldn't save Gabrielle in GOF? - but obviously like any parent she'd be quite shocked at her daughter's pregnancy and occasionally, people in shock say things they don't mean.

And thank you so much, Kiana, you super person ♥

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