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Review:Aphoride says:
Hey there, stopping by with your requested review! Sorry for taking so long - real life has been a bit more complicated than expected recently, but I'm here now! :)

I still love Dominique's character, she really seems all throughout this to be going through the typical emotions someone would go through when learning this sort of news, with her own Dom twist on it, of course! I liked how you had her upset the idea of not being able to have kids, though she wasn't planning on having a family of seven, you know. It kind of brought it home that even though it's not something hugely important to her and she hadn't planned it all out already, it was something she just assumed would happen and it's just further evidence of how being a werewolf is affecting her life.

I liked her interaction with Teddy - the way he was trying to coax her back into life and to go out and see other people, and how when she resists he doesn't make her. It says a lot about their relationship and it's a nice thing to mention. I like how he's obviously worried about her, though I'd like perhaps a couple of mentions of his own werewolf heritage later on (now probably isn't really the time, all things considered) because of Remus, so of all people he's pretty likely to understand.

I liked how you had her mother and Victoire be the ones to be there with her when the Healer told her, rather than Teddy. It's something more for them to be able to understand and appreciate, perhaps, and I liked how Dom eventually broke down and allowed her family close, because that was almost too much and she needed them. I thought you characterised Fleur brilliantly with being so worried and upset, it really made sense, you know, and Victoire was lovely.

Just two things to mention: I would have liked a bit more description of Victoire and Fleur and what they do when they first come into her room. How close to her are they? Are they sitting down or standing up? It's a bit vague and makes it hard to visualise the scene and get a grip on things. Also, I'm not sure what your ideas on this are for your story, but we haven't seen much of Louis at all, and I'd have thought he and Bill and possibly Molly Weasley would have been round as well, or at least mentioned. I get that this is only a short story so you can't include everything, but maybe a mention to say other family members have been round would be nice? It would help us to understand passing of time, as well, if Louis visited on Wednesday and James and Lily on Thursday, or whatever ;)

I loved the news (I think I remember seeing a topic like this in Help Needed at some point, though I can't remember if that was you or not...). It makes so much sense to me that it would be so dangerous for her to have children, for both her and the child, and I like that you've incorporated that kind of detail and thought into this. It shows you're exploring every sort of avenue in this, which is great!

As usual, your style is lovely, your flow and pace are perfect, your characterisation is great, there were no grammar or spelling mistakes that I could see, your plot is going along wonderfully! So yeah, I'm still really enjoying this! Feel free to re-request! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a ton for reading and reviewing. Apologies for the super late response.

I am glad that you're still liking Dom's personality and find her reactions to things believable. I was worried about the emotions part but you have eased my worries.

I am pleased you are liking the Dom/Teddy interactions. I enjoy writing them and want to portray their relationship in a good light and yet realistically. I'll definitely consider your suggestion of including mentions of his own heritage, though as you said, now is not a great time.

It's great to know that you think I characterised Victoire and Fleur well. It's a relief. Thank you.

Now that you mention it, I think I should have probably included more description. Thanks for the tip and I'll definitely make an edit sooner or later when I have the time. Well, Louis kind of doesn't exist in the story. I didn't include him in. It's just Vic and Dom. I'll make a note of that in an A/N. More of Bill and Molly will be seen soon though. Thanks for the CC.

Haha yes that topic was me. I am glad the news made sense to you. I was afraid I went a bit overboard with the detail but thanks for letting me know you liked it. I am trying to explore as much of werewolf effects (both mental and physical) as I can here =)

Your words have truly made my day. I am so happy to know you like my flow, pace, style, and characterisation, and that you couldn't see any grammar mistakes (which is a huge relief since English is not my native language). Thank you!

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