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Review:Jchrissy says:
Ohh Amanda I'm getting worried. You can't just give me easy fluff, can you? I was so happy with her offer to help plan the wedding and thought there was a chance we'd see smooth sailing after that, but of course we know what happens in the end and the difficulties with the wedding planning as well as how Venn handled it all make me so nervous. I JUST WANT THESE TWO TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE PRETTY BABIES.

BUT. Even while I felt like this was setting us up for more bumps along the road, I still understand both PoVs. Helena wants something intimate, but Edeline understands what pleasing the friends and family means and knows a wedding must be built for them as well. Helena wants Venn's help in this, but he can only thing of why should it fall on his shoulders when he has so much else to do. It's hard to decide who I agree with in this situation. Maybe a bit of all three of them?

I loved her father's attempts to make her happy. He seems like an honest to goodness good guy who loves his daughter, and that makes me happy. I also liked that you included her getting her choice of the servants. It was a good reminder of their class and of how things in this day and age run.

Wedding at Hogwarts where giant snake lives. I'm already seeing some serious issues.

I'm having such a hard time imagining how this man would be capable of hurting Helena, much less killing her. I really hope there's a way for you to twist canon a bit so he doesn't come out as just a murder. And ugh. Why do you have to make me fall in love with such tragic romance?? I'm going to be very sad by the end of this :(! And now I'm a bit happy that I let myself fall out of this story for so long because I'm loving the freedom to continue on to the next chapter :P! Are you done with school for the summer? Are you chaining yourself to a desk to finish this story? Please?

Author's Response: If it makes you feel any better, it hurts me to hurt my babies, too! Hah. Every time I work on this story, I feel like I want to watch Once Upon a Time re-runs and go back to happier feels.

I think a big part of the conflict here is Helena's naivety. She doesn't really understand that a wedding, at least one like hers, is just as much about politics and symbolism as it is about the bride and groom, and perhaps even more so. She can't just have things her way because she wants them. She also fails to consider that Venn lives to do more than keep his future wife satisfied, or that he could be bored with her the way she was bored with so many of her other suitors. I imagine it's quite heartbreaking for her--and at the same time, having planned a wedding, I totally get that feeling of "it's my day and you should just let me have this thing, okay?"

I really love Witter because he's one of the few bright spots in the latter half of this story. He definitely does love his little girl and wants to make the best of the awkward, painful dynamic that has developed between Helena and Rowena, the two loves of his life.

Yeah, the giant snake could be a problem...

I have big plans for both Venn and Helena in the final couple of chapters, so stay tuned and please do tell me what you think about how they turned out when all is said and done. It's going to be very emotional for me and I imagine probably for some of my more loyal readers (like you) as well, but I have to say that I'm proud of what I have planned out. I'm out of school but interning at a hospital so I have limited time (but still more than during the regular year). It is my goal to have both novels finished by the end of the summer, and hopefully a bit before then. I'm working on chapter seventeen now--will that do? :)

Thank you for this lovely review! And I do have plans to get back to Before They Fall at some point--I have to make time to read all of those in-depth chapters you've published, but I know I will be in for a treat when I do!


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