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Review:Pheonix Potioneer says:
I loved the barbeque so much. It was hilarious, how matched Mr. Weasley's, Percy's and George's personality so well. You did a good job on them.

It was so funny when Percy was talking about how everyone had to be prefects, and George telling his kids being prefect would be a disgrace.

I'm actually quite surprised that the house didn't blow up during this. I was sure something would happen.

I'm actually quite surprised at the difference between your Louis and my Louis. They have very different personalities.

Ha ha, I love it when Ron and Hermione bicker. It's so typical of them.

Rose said, "Imagine having a mother like that" when she was talking about Felicity's mother, but it is actually not too hard to imagine. Felicity probably doesn't know that her mother's thoughts are wrong. That's how she was brought up. This would be a totally different story if we were reading this through the eye of someone like the Nott's. Rose has a very bias point of view. We could be learning right now how werewolves are evil and dangerous.

I'm lucky my mom has always encouraged me to have my own opinions.

I wonder what's up with the phoenix around the mother's neck. There isn't another organization rising, is there?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this chapter. The barbeque was so funny. Thank you for writing all of this!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

You know, the idea about this being a barbecue only came to me as I was writing the chapter. I was going to have the family invited around for lunch or something. Mostly, I just wanted to get in the point about Lucy being a prefect and Louis not and Percy crowing about that. I considered leaving it until Christmas, but I thought the characters would know Lucy was appointed as prefect before they returned to Hogwarts (Percy would certainly ensure they did) so the reader should too. Not that it'd be too hard to guess.

And now I'm interested in what your Louis is like. Don't think we've seen that much of him. Must double check your Christmas chapter to see what hints we get about his character.

And just remember here that Rose is rather biased. *grins* I mean Louis is rather lazy, at least when it comes to things like academics. He likes the easy life and he's a bit of a charmer who's well aware how good-looking he is. But he's not exactly the sort of character who'd appeal to Rose, so she's going to stress the negative. He is a Gryffindor, after all. I was wondering actually if he really fit, but then I thought it probably takes courage to be himself in a family like the Weasleys where they value things like physical courage and sportiness. I'd imagine he comes in for some teasing from people like James.

And yeah, you are definitely right about Rose being biases about things like werewolves. She was raised by Hermione, after all, who tends to go a little over the top about equal rights and stuff.

I've tried to show that Hermione has calmed down a bit. Her comment in chapter two about how it should really be up to Lydia Blackburn herself is a bit of a change from her attitude with regards to house elves, because she's grown up and realised that fighting for rights tends to impact on those denied them more than on their allies. But I still don't think she'd give her children a very balanced perspective when it comes to certain issues.

The Notts are probably more concerned with raising their own profile than anything else, but there are understandable reasons why people would fear werewolves. After all, on the full moon, they are out of control and Greyback did dreadful things during the war. And other werewolves probably did too, though not to the same extent, as it's indicated many supported Voldemort. Even Remus could have hurt the trio that time at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, though those were rather unusual circumstances.

And Felicity's mum is sending her ELEVEN YEAR OLD child away to boarding school for the first time, so it's understandable if she's a little over the top about who might be teaching her. I'd probably be worrying about the teachers too if I were sending an eleven year old away from home for months on end.

No, the only organisation rising is the A.W.L. The phoenix is just to show how overdressed she is and how out of touch with Muggle fashions. I was going to give her a hat something like Augusta Longbottom's, but then this occurred to me.

Thanks again for reviewing.

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