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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hi Jami!

I always enjoy Sirius’ POVs because they always surprise me in the variation in his thoughts. I always imagined him to be the most volatile in moods out of all the Marauders so it was nice to see it her. The thoughts he had about Belle were really sweet because we haven’t seen much of them recently due to all the Alrek drama so I liked reading it here :’)

I think the sweetest thing was when he was thinking about finding Lily. I’ve noticed that Sirius doesn’t often open up to his emotions so seeing him do it was really lovely and it made me aw about how much he cared about her. It also highlighted what the attack was like from an observer’s perspective which was really interesting.

His thoughts about how he and all his friends all fit together and serve a purpose were really great too. It is true though, you’ve given them all really unique characters and they merge together to form this group of people who love one another so much. It was seen in Sirius’ thoughts and it made me all fuzzy again!

Haha this line cracked me up ‘“What did I tell you,” the woman said, her Scottish accent thick. “You invite one or two of them, and they’re all sure to follow.”’ It was so like McGonagall with her disguised humour, accent and secret love for them all.

It was interesting seeing the aftermath of the attack from their perspective, because we of course know what happened to Alrek but seeing it from their eyes created a nice change. The swearing from Sirius there was a great input. For teenage boys they’ve been quite well-spoken but the inclusion of it in this chapter worked really well as it showed their anger about being ignored and their view not being taken seriously enough.

One nice touch was the line from Alice thinking what they did to Alrek as being barbaric. I agreed to when it happened because though he was an incredibly evil Death Eater who tried to kill Lily, he was still a boy at the same time and it saddened me to see that someone so young could be so evil. Out of all of them, I would thought Alice would be the most likely to feel like that and it was nice to see it proved correct.

You showed Lily’s maturity really well in this chapter too, Jami. I think it was the remark about her not wanting him just to be gone and I almost picked up on this sense of emptiness from him being gone in her life which was quite odd, but fitting at the same time because at one point they were friends. I feel so bad for her because her life isn’t going great at the moment, but that’s the problem with reading Marauders stories as their lives always seem to be going downhill :P

That conversation with Remus ♥ I don’t think I’ve ever read a story where someone has such a deep discussion with Remus about his lycanthropy so it was a wonderful surprise to see it here. I thought his reaction to being bitten was wonderful because he always had this sense of understanding and never self-pitied, well in my mind he did, so it was really great to see that he had almost accepted what Greyback had done and that he wasn’t going to continue to fight it.

I spotted this line ‘The article in the daily prophet’ I tend to see the Daily Prophet capitalised as opposed to it being lowercase so I thought I should point it out :)

Aha I had seen Dan’s Twitter updates about his road trip but I didn’t connect with the fact that there would be no chapter. Oh well, everyone needs a break :P Only five chapters away though, that is scary and exciting because I can’t wait to see them as adults! Another great chapter, Jami :D


Author's Response: Kiana! ♥

Not having much Belle Sirius feels lately was exactly what I was thinking about when doing it from his PoV. I swear, sometimes having such a big group can be such a pain. Especially when I want them all to be heavily involved.

I'm so excited that you liked his Lily thoughts. In my head, he and Lily have a special sort of friendship. I think a lot of it comes from the fact that they both care so much about James, and Lily becomes more of the family Sirius never really had. And they all should have gotten to grow old together and wahhh now I'm getting all feelsy!

Hehe aww yay I'm happy you liked that line! Sometimes she can be so much fun to write other times it feels like pulling teeth!

I'm sure I've vented to you with how much I don't like Remus just out and telling her. I wanted her to realize it first like she did back in the hospital wing, him to know that she knows, and then have a real reason to finally talk about it with one another. I think that they can both really connect over the fact that they were targeted for no reason, and neither got to see justice. Sure, Alrek is dead, but Lily will never know if even tiny bit of him regretted what he tried doing to her. And both of them are just such good people, that I think feeling how they do about Alrek and Greyback is hard. Wow, sorry about that ramble. Haha.

Ahh it should be capitalized, thank you!!

I CAN'T WAIT to write them as adults. Kiana I'm just SO excited for book two! I want to hug you just because!

Thank you so much for leaving me another absolutely amazing review. You turned my grumpy mood into such a happy one with this ♥

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