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Review:patronus_charm says:
I’m so happy I read this last night as baby Harry was the perfect break from revision, now I get to re-read it again as perfect post-exam present. This chapter had such great timing, Rachel :D

This chapter is possibly the cutest and the most adorable thing ever. If I had it my way the review would be full of ♥ Gah Harry gets to me every time, but this time it was even worse! I knew I was going to love this chapter straight away due to one of the first lines ‘Harry beamed up at the four adults clustered around his booster seat’. I think just having images of him beaming away is what got to me!

No this line ‘It was the first time they’d properly talked about Severus since she’d fled Dustund Way, the night he’d had his memories of her wiped.’ Ah even though it was only one line it gave me so many feels. Well anything which talks about Snape having his memory wipe gives me feels, but this was horrible as I thought Beth was going to have a completely happy chapter, but I guess not :(

I really liked how you tied in so much with that letter Lily sent Sirius which Harry found at Grimmauld Place. I always wondered why he wasn’t at Harry’s first birthday but it makes more sense now. The bit about Harry smashing into the vase was brilliant. Lily being so blasé about it really topped it off.

I enjoyed the fact that Bathilda featured a lot in this chapter, as she’s always been an intriguing character to me. Probably due to her always being in the background and then she gets one chance to shine but she’s been turned into a snake and nearly kills Harry and Hermione. It was interesting how little knew about Dumbledore even then and how him and Gellert being friends was virtually unknown.

Those scenes with Lily and James getting Harry to blow out the candles were adorable. I was sitting there awing throughout. I think the thing which makes it so adorable is because those moments in their lives are so few and far between and us, as the reader, know that they’re going to die soon (unless you go AU :P), so it makes it even worse.

I liked seeing how care-free James was when he was trying to persuade Harry to become a chaser. It gave me so many feels about how he never knew that Harry would be a quidditch player but a seeker not a chaser. Gah, I know this was meant to be a happy chapter but I kept on thinking about their deaths so it turned into a sad one.

I loved the last line ‘Beth didn’t think about her father, or Severus, or anything else, for the rest of the night.’ It’s so nice to see that she, too, can have happier moments in her life!

That was another wonderful chapter, Rachel, and I can’t wait for the next!


Author's Response: I'm so glad the lightness of this chapter seemed to hit just right for so many people! :D And really for me, too -- I posted this just in the middle of my labored three-week history class, and baby Harry did cheer me up quite a bit. I guarantee you that almost every time I put in some line about him, it was solely because I wanted to make him do more cute things. Can't help myself! Although I can't tell you if his parents live or die, of course. Beth's presence in the books has changed events before!

I don't think Beth is ever going to have a completely happy chapter in this book, as far as you guys have read yet. (Look at me, trying to sound all vague about future plot developments and failing dismally.) She misses Severus terribly, and as long as they're apart, she'll always miss him, especially because he was yanked away pretty cruelly.

I loved getting into the canon portions of this chapter, though, with Lily's letter and Bathilda and all that. Canon-heavy chapters are sort of like puzzles in my mind, and they're fun to write and click all the places into! I wish more people would write her, even into the backgrounds of stories; she's very interesting, and being someone who writes history textbooks, she's probably got a lot of stories to tell.

I'm glad you liked that last line. ♥ It was supposed to be more uplifting than most, and I'm glad you took it that way! Thank you for this review, Kiana. ♥ I'm so grateful you return each week to leave continually wonderful feedback!

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