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Review:peppersweet says:
I just remembered something I meant to tell you: as I was reading about Edie's internship and pondering on my own employment prospects, I remembered my brief stint working at a music shop a few years ago. One of my daily tasks was to deliver the teas and coffees, seeing as I was the most junior member of staff. There were about eight people working there, and I had to load all eight brimming mugs onto a tray and carry them downstairs to dish them out. I realised, fairly swiftly, that this was impossible for a tiny fourteen year old girl, so I ended up begging someone from the guitars department to carry it down for me so long as I brewed it - I felt awful about this until my manager told me that they were actually glad I passed on the task because, one year, they had a boy working there who couldn't manage the entire tea tray and tripped down the stairs with it, soaking something like five expensive Gretsch guitars in hot tea and coffee.

That was pretty much irrelevant to everything, but I felt like sharing that with you.

I like Edie's confusion about whether Oliver actually kissed her or not! It feels a bit more realistically (honestly, in the heat of the moment, one can be prone to imagining things) and it adds ~even more tension~ to a story that's already as tense as a highly-strung landlord with a parakeet on the loose.

Nitpick time - His lips spread into a huge smile. "You wrote her?" - there should be a 'to' after wrote~ I think that might be a dialectical difference, actually? I'm not entirely sure, but 'wrote to' is what I'd consider correct.

Edie bought the magazine eee :3 FRAMED PHOTOGRAPH ON HER WALL PLEASE

I love how Edie's landlord semi-asks her out for a drink via Howler, snort

♥ onwards and upwards!

Author's Response: OH MY GOD! I'm so glad that didn't happen to you, I bet that guy seriously just died. That sucks that you had to do such menial work... At least you were enough of a boss to just pass it off onto somebody else, like, "Naw. Not doing it." Man, I would feel really mean being like "YOU. Small girl. Fetch us many hot beverages."

Yeah! I feel like I always have an out-of-body experience of sorts, when something like that happens! And then afterwords you think and over-think it to the point that you can't remember what you've imagined and what actually happened.

That's embarrassing... I actually put "You wrote her," instead of the other way around, because I was like, "I FEEL LIKE I HEARD THEM SAY THAT ON PRIDE AND PREJUDICE I DUNNO." Bahaha. Thanks for correcting me; my experimentation with British dialect is always interesting.

SIMON. I wish I had a just reason to put him in this story more... maybe I will go back and add him in earlier on. He seems like a total random addition, plus I love him (because I can't un-see Simon Pegg doing all of these things. Hence the name Simon.)

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