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Review:peppersweet says:
Clink is slang for prison!! I hope that doesn't say anything about the contents of the chapter!!!

(Yeah, I'm back to abuse even more exclamation marks)

Also, wanted to respond to some stuff you said in your review responses -

1. Let me fawn over Edie forever, because YES she is THE most relatable character I've come across in about three centuries. Love her to bits.
2. A Highland Fling is a Scottish dance! At least I only confused you by saying Highland Fling - I could have said I was off to Strip the Willow or do the Dashing White Sergeant. Both of those are ceilidh dances. As is the Gay Gordons.
3. Canon accepted: I am witch with septum piercing, languishing in dead hipster central. (No, really. I've really become one of those lonely-person-with-notebook-in-cafe people of late).
4. I expect Edie to say 'OH BLIMEY FISH AND CHIPS TEA AND CRUMPETS THE LIFT AND THE LORRY!' in an upcoming chapter now.
4.(a) No, really, you don't need to worry about Edie sounding like a caricature! Her voice is really natural, and I know it's blimmin' difficult to write in a voice that isn't your own. I once wrote an Inception fanfiction and was called out in reviews for a) saying lift instead of elevator b) wildly overestimating the annual rainfall of Los Angeles c) saying queue instead of line. And it's hard enough not going full Scottish on my writing sometimes! So I can totally sympathise.
5. Feel free to make Oliver crack out a nae now and again. Nae bother. Nae fear.
6. Please do tumble Oliver's biography at some point. Also, odd question, but where in Scotland do you imagine him coming from? I need to know

Now Edie's expressed her plan to wear the dress and return it, I feel like something's going to go horribly wrong - a stain, a tear, Oliver dropping a pint on her...


Ooh can Eddie make an appearance at some point? That sounds like the BEST friendship ever.

Father Christmas!! That description of the restaurant was amazing! I want to go there now~

There's no way I could ever dislike Edie, high horse or not! The poor girl's had such bad luck lately, I just want to see her getting her own back at everyone. And dishing the dirt on Oliver. (And possibly ending up with him, I don't even like him all that much but...I ship them?!?!)

♥ onwards!

Author's Response: YYYOOOUUU!

Oh wow, I hadn't even thought about Clink being slang for prison... I'm sure I could find some way of bending the context of this "literature" into meaning exactly what I want it to (as per my undergraduate degree.) Hmm, Edie is in a "prison" that she created for herself, because she won't allow herself to look past her first impression of Oli--NOPE. Just the sound of glasses clinking.

1. Um, can we please talk about Flora Lancaster and the painfully awkward and relatable-ness?
2. I seriously thought it was throwing a log, like in the Highland Games that happens around here (in southern America, where we are JUST LIKE SCOTTISH PEOPLE)
3. YES. It is canon indeed. And I am totally in to sitting in places alone, I feel like every entry in my journal essentially says, "Why do I keep coming here, the coffee tastes awful." It's where I do my serious-est of writings!
4. I kind of want to find a way for that to happen?
4(a). Blimmin'! Didn't know that one either. That's really funny about your culture mix-ups, yeah, California is pretty arid, like annual-wildfire kind of arid!
5. Nae will he not crack a nae! (Did I do the thing?)
6. I totally will do that... trust me. It's the same bio I wrote for my first story on my HPFF page from FO-EVA AGO, but built-upon.

I should have taken that and gone with it, with the dress, but it just felt like TOO MUCH bad stuff was happening to her. So I just kind of glossed over it? Which wasn't really intentional either... I need some closure with that, it's really been bugging me!


Let's go sit at The Hanging Moon, at separate tables, with our notebooks, and not talk to anyone and write bad poems, and every now and then we'll solemnly look up at each other and nod. Plan? Plan.

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