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Review:patronus_charm says:
Yay! I get the 220th review, what a landmark :P Ah I almost just want to skip to the end of the chapter and not read the end of it given the chapter title, but Iíll attempt to be a good reader and start from the beginning.

I always enjoy the scenes with Salazar and Venn. Though Venn isnít the humanist of people, when heís with Salazarís it does remind me that he is considerably more moderate in comparison and it reminds me of why Helena fell in love with him in the first place. I think the dialogue in this chapter really showed it because I could sense the divide of power between the two which was really great.

I think that really showed with the mention of the basilisk because Vennís reaction to Salazarís news was probably far from what he wanted and expected. Iím intrigued to see how that storyline finishes, because all we have with canon is that people believed it be legend but it makes me wonder whether thereís anything more behind it or not.

The historical context in this chapter was fantastic again. I liked the way you tied in the idea of the importance of marrying to secure inheritance with Vennís mother and her future husband. It featured in the earlier chapters but it was a nice reminder because it showed that Vennís intention in marrying Helena probably arenít solely romantic.

Isobelís a really endearing character. I think itís the way sheís not afraid to challenge Helena and even accused her of cheating and it was nice to see the social boundaries of that era being broken down. Ainsleyís reactions complimented this well, as it showed how different Isobel was. Then that entire scene showed how different Helena was because she didnít get angry for a servant accusing her of cheating and actually talked to them so that was really nice.

The scene when Venn accosts Helena was really well done and it again showed the difference between them. What I liked most of all was Helenaís reaction to it all and it foreshadowed what was going to happen next and it was really great. Iíve been waiting for the moment when Helenaís flees and I really liked the build-up to it, as it was subtle enough for me not to notice but it was there for when it did happen it made sense in my mind.

Ah what was this line Ė ĎThe young woman recalled with fondness the days she had spent riding Eostre freely across the fields, with no concern for a husband and unborn children,í I should probably catch up on sleep so Iím not constantly sleep-deprived, but Helenaís pregnant? Or is she just talking about a future chid yet to be conceived? Or Iíve been a terrible reader :P

Iím really not looking forward to the next chapters now, though it will be intriguing to see what are the factors behind Venn deciding to kill her. Venn is angry with her now due to the wedding delay but he doesnít seem angry enough to actually go and kill her so Iím looking forward to finding out why.

In regards to your authorís note, I didnít find the language cumbersome at all, and though the pace was a little faster than usual, it didnít confuse me. I thought it reflected the chapter as everythingís speeding up for the final event in their lives. Well, thatís what I thought anyway :P

Another amazing chapter, Amanda ♥


Author's Response: Hello Kiana!

Yes, I think with Salazar blabbering away about his beloved serpent you can really see that Venn's point of view diverges from his uncle's. He's clearly disgusted by the thought of the Basilisk ravaging the countryside, and yet he refuses to challenge his uncle further. Salazar, for his part, is so wrapped up in his fantasy that he doesn't even seem to notice that Venn is uncomfortable with the subject. Hopefully you get a sense of what it would be like to be one of the other Founders at this point, unsure how to really deal with Salazar.

Peverell's romance with Edeline is really putting the pressure on Venn and showing just how ill-equipped he is for his future role. Nothing is going right for him right now and yet he can't seem to keep the pieces together. Naturally, it leads him to become more volatile in his interactions with his bride.

I sort of view Isobel and Ainsley as being on either side of the spectrum that Helena sits on. Isobel is a reminder of her childish, playful side, and Ainsley brings forth memories of her duty and the woman she's supposed to become, someone who is quiet and serious.

Helena is definitely not pregnant. Val mentioned it too, so it's not just you! The reference is just about her duty as a wife and the family she'll eventually have with Venn.

It's great to hear that the pacing and language were okay after all. As for Venn, you'll have to stay tuned for the next chapter :)

Thanks for this fantastic review!


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