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Review:FallenTruths says:
Hi Jami!

Chapter 19 - I'm glad you pointed out that it was the first years' first time riding in the carriages back to the train. I've never thought about that before. Dumbledore and Minerva's conversation about whether they should warn Lily and James about the danger of going to the wedding reminded me a lot of Dumbledore not wanting to warn Harry about the prophecy until it was too late and someone had died because of it. I'm really hoping Dumbledore has made the right decision this time around with not warning them.

It's still hard to understand how Petunia can be so rude to everyone, even her best friend! It's very clear she's jealous of Lily still, even when it's just of her personality and ability to be kind to others.

Typos: But as far as Lily knew, her sister never spoken with Matti again

now she as able to look back and realize that she really hadn't done anything wrong.

answered, thought the end of his was drowned out by a loud whistle

Chapter 20 - The Bellatrix scenes are always creepy because of how warped her mind is. She wants to have control yet control is exactly what she loses when she's torturing someone into oblivion. At that point I think it's the thrill of the pain she is causing that controls her mind and actions. The back story you've given Peter is really interesting because it explains a lot about his personality and the position he was in when he started to turn on his friends. I like how you've taken time to develop Peter as a character instead of just ignore him.

One typo: to prevent them from waking rest of the house.

Chapter 21 - Poor Lily. I can's imagine how hard it was for her to tell Petunia she couldn't bring their parents back from the dead. I really hope they're able to reconcile their relationship a bit now that the loss isn't as fresh in their minds. I love how easy it is for Sirius and Belle to be together because they already understand all of the silly customs and pleasantries they must abide by to be taken seriously. Sirius's story about learning to speak his mind and share his opinion was really sweet. I think Belle has already learned that by being around her friends, but she doesn't know how to speak her opinion around her parents.

Typos: Their check-in had been uneventful thanks to Mrs Potter (period needed after Mrs)

He knew that not matter what

that he hand plenty of food right in front of his face

I loved this line, "With a name like Vernon, James wasnít expecting much." Ha, that is so true and I can certainly imagine James saying that. Wow, I hate Vernon so much. It's funny how he's so pompous about himself when everyone else can see he isn't anyone impressive. Thankfully Sirius's patronus stepped in and stopped James from getting too angry and blowing Vernon up or something like that. I'm so proud of Belle for standing up to her evil mother. I definitely wasn't expecting the kiss at the end! I wonder if Sirius and Belle joining Lily and James at the hotel will stop whatever attack Voldemort was planning. I hope so!


Author's Response: I'm so saddd. I just had this entire review responded to, then I hit back space but was clicked out of the box so it took me back a page and BOO.

Okay. Redo. I think Dumbledore makes some seriously interesting choices in the HP series. There are so many things he could have told Harry to make it just a bit easier instead of hoping all this crazy chance of stuff panned out. I mean, as much as I love the twinkly old man, it seems like he left an awful lot up to chance.

I think Petunia is one of those people that was never made to understand life. I always imagined that, after Lily left, their parents felt terrible for Petunia being left out and made things too easy for her. I don't think she was ever really made to understand the consequences for her attitude and actions, their parents not wanting to further alienate her by constantly getting her in trouble, so she just sort of learned to throw these little bratty fits and act like a spoiled brat.

I'm so happy you like Bellatrix! And that she's still creeping you out. Sometimes I get worried that her scenes feel repetitive.

Ahhh yay I've been excited for you to read this scene! In my head, this is when Petunia stops being jealous of magic and starts hating it. It can't do the one thing she wants, and she refuses to take the time to understand why that is. Poor thing :(

Ahhh hahaha now I'm imagining James blowing up Vernon Aunt Marjorie style! Like father like son, maybe? :P

Thank you so much for the typos and for another awesome reviews ♥ I'm so excited that you're still enjoying this, my lovely Alli!!!

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